Royals rock the runway


Four of the Rosary models practice their runway poses. Picture provided by: Evelyn LeVecke

Daly Holman and Evelyn LeVecke

Nine Rosary seniors are preparing for a massive event in November: The Servite Fashion Show. The girls are beyond excited to rock the runway alongside nine Servite Friars and their moms.

For those of you who do not know, the Servite Fashion show is one of Servite’s biggest fundraisers each year. Those who are selected to take part in this professional production get to model exotic outfits and help raise money for the men of Servite.

The models had their first practice this past Monday where they began to learn the basics of walking and posing. The show is on Nov. 21, so the models will be vigorously practicing up until that point.

I interviewed a few of the Rosary and Servite models, asking them what they are most excited for, if they are nervous for the event, and what kind of outfits they are hoping to wear.

Anna DiCrisi ‘22 said, “I am very nervous for the fashion show. I am known to not be coordinated, and it would be very embarrassing if I fell off the stage and took other people down with me in an attempt to save myself.”

Senior Katie Thomas stated, “I am really excited to be modeling with so many amazing people. I’m also looking forward to wearing outfits outside of my comfort zone.”

Brad Hansen, a senior at Servite said, “I just want clothes that don’t make me feel like myself. I want to feel like a completely different person. I don’t want to recognize the music playing, or even recognize myself.”

Stay tuned for more updates on the Servite Fashion Show; we will continue to check in with the models as the exciting day approaches.