Blue Bowl: What’s the hype?


My friend’s and my delicious post-workout snack Photo provided by Brooke Kizziar

Brooke Kizziar, Sports Editor

Smoothie bowls have taken over social media by storm, and with so many juice bars around, it’s certainly hard to pick the perfect place to buy you bowl.

Over the summer, I got the chance to try Blue Bowl for the first time. I would consider myself a smoothie bowl expert as I have tried bowls from a variety of different places. But something about Blue Bowl just makes it stand out from the rest. Maybe it’s the freshness of their bases, or the variety of toppings, or the juiciness of their fruit, or even their coffee.

They have six delicious flavors of smoothie bases: acai, pitaya, huckleberry, gold, matcha, and blue coconut. You can mix all the flavors you want into your bowl to make your own blue bowl creation. They also have the widest selection of toppings. They have three different kinds of granola, fresh fruit, different nut butters, seeds, and syrups.

My go to order is the blue coconut base mixed with acai, topped with pumpkin granola, bananas, strawberries, cocoa nibs, hemp seeds, goji berries, agave, and the best nut butter in the world, “the butter.” “The butter” is a combination of peanut butter, almond butter, and cashew butter.

I asked a few Rosary seniors to share about their love for Blue Bowl. Erika Kuehl ’22 says, “I love the workers they are super friendly and fun. They always play good music and I love the eco-friendly packaging. They make the best flavors and use fresh fruit. And the nitro cold brew is my favorite. Usually I will get the gold base and the blue coconut base with pumpkin flax granola strawberries bananas hemp seeds and goji berries. I love going outside to eat with my best friend Brooke.”

Grace Horeczko ’22 says, “It is the best thing to ever be invented in the history of inventions; their acai was kissed by god. You will never put anything better in your mouth.”

Dorothy Castellana ’22 says, “I love blue bowl because its a filling snack that tastes amazing but is also healthy!! My favorite go to order is the blue coconut base, with the pumpkin granola, and ‘The butter.'”

Your taste buds will never get sick of the magic of Blue Bowl. I have spent way too much money indulging on their bowls, but I will never stop. With their wide selection of bases and toppings, every bowl will be unique.