Royal Rebel robotics return


Team President Katie Fang ’22 with past presidents Kristen Biederstat ’21 and Jasmine Vodhanel ’21 (Photo courtesy of Katie Fang)

Katie Thomas, Arts & Entertainment Editor

If you pass by room 3 on any given Monday or Friday right after school, you may find the Royal Rebel Engineers hard at work building their newest robot.

After being unable to compete or build a robot last year due to COVID, the 15 team members are ready to get back to work under the supervision of new moderators Mr. Gangler and Mr. Guerrero.

Team members working on their robot. (Photo courtesy of Katie Fang)

Senior team president Katie Fang expressed, “I am really looking forward to getting back into competitions and bonding with team members . . . I never imagined joining robotics during freshman year . . . I[‘ve] realized that it was one of the best decisions I’ve made since I came to Rosary.”

This year, team members will work to build a robot with a drive train (meaning it moves), a mechanism for carrying discs and rings, and decorations for school spirit, all within an 18 by 18-inch frame. Their first competition is likely to be on Oct. 30.

“We greatly encourage people to join our team at any point of the school year,” said other team president Emily La ’22. “If they want to join the team they can just email either me, Katie, or our moderators.”

You can also learn more about robotics during our upcoming club rush. Best of luck this year Royal Robotics!

POV: A robotics competition. (Photo courtesy of Katie Fang)