Happy Graduation Royals!


From left to right: members of the newest graduated class Gianna Arenas, Serena Park, and Caroline Linton. Photo provided by: Serena Park

Anna DiCrisi, Editor

The class of 2021 has officially graduated from Rosary Academy.

On May 20th, the newest alumnae were celebrated with ceremonial speeches, awards, and, most importantly, diplomas.

The night opened with the traditional graduation song as the young women processed in with their white caps and gowns and red roses. The class sat with elegance and confidence facing the audience in front of a beautiful display of flowers and signs. Then, the celebration began.

Dr. Pautsch, Mr. Basford, Bishop Vann, faculty, staff, and parents sat glowing with pride as Royals gave speeches about their peers. Salutatorian Lolani Blas highlighted the importance of resilience, salutatorian Tahlia Garcia emphasized the importance of change, and valedictorian Isabella Capps did a wonderful recap of the graduating class’ four year experience.

After receiving their diplomas, the class of 2021 moved their tassels to their left and officially joined the long history of Rosary alumnae.

Gianna Arenas ‘21 said, “Graduation was a very special event, and it was so fun to be with all my friends one last time. It went by so fast, listening to all the speeches and the heartfelt words. I’m so glad we got to experience an almost-normal graduation during Covid.”

Gianna (left) and Shae Racobs (right) smile as they celebrate a beautiful end to their four-year journey. Photo provided by Gianna Arenas

Another graduate, Paige Sokol, added, “Rosary Academy was the best four years of my life. I was able to meet my lifelong best friends while going through some of the most exciting times in my life. I am going to miss my second home!”

Paige Sokol (right) and Daphe Ruffier (left) looking Royal as ever in their graduation attire. Photo provided by: Paige Sokol

Serena Park ‘21 commented, “Graduation was the perfect close to my four years at rosary. I can say with confidence that I’ve met some of the greatest people here and have made so many memories I will cherish forever. It’s really hard to finally have to say goodbye to a place that feels like home, but it’s time to take everything I’ve learned from Rosary into the world.

And finally, Caroline Linton ‘21 (General Excellence and Royalette award winner) said, “Graduation was such an amazing experience! Witnessing the women that I have grown with for the past four years walk across that stage was a surreal experience and I am so unbelievably proud of all that we accomplished! I will forever be grateful to Rosary for the friends I made and lessons I learned. I can now officially say as an alumnae: Go Royals!”

While the halls will be a little emptier without the class of 2021, the world beyond Rosary needs their determined and loving spirits. And to the newest graduates, you have left your mark on the Rosary community, and this will always be your home. Take the knowledge and experiences you have gained from Rosary, and go change the world!

The class of 2021 officially graduated! Photo provided by: @rosaryroyals on Instagram.