A Day in the Life of Liz Martinez


Elizabeth Martinez, Staff Writer

Hello everyone! To get to know a little more about me, I thought I’d document a day in my life!

Today was Wednesday, May 19th.  Starting with my morning routine, I woke up and quickly logged onto zoom!

Personally, this year I enjoyed being in my own study space on Zoom.
Photo credit: Liz Martinez 22′

Here is a highlight of my class today when I got paired in a breakout room with my bestie Iliana Macias 22′.

Next, If you have read any of my articles, you know that I love food. For breakfast, I made a fruit bowl with chlorophyll water of course. To find out more about the benefits of chlorophyll, click the link on my picture caption!

Fruit assortment: Pineapples &
Strawberries. Highly recommend.
Photo Credit: Liz Martinez 22′


Cannot go a day without my
chlorophyll water. 
Photo Credit: Liz Martinez 22′. (If you want to know more about Chlorophyll click here to my article to learn about the benefits:)http://royalreporter.org/23450/advice/taste-test-chlorophyll-water/

After school, I worked out! Today for my workout I went for a run! After, I took a shower and got ready for the day.

Post-shower skincare!
Photo Credit: Liz Martinez 22′.

Next, I forced my sister to go with me to get coffee. I do this every day to feed my addiction.

My sister Kathleen Martinez 21′ and I with my Lavender Latte.
Photo Credit: Liz Martinez 22′.

Last but not least I hung out and did homework with my best friend. It’s the best because my best friend lives 1 minute away so I can see her whenever!  Today we went thrifting. After thrifting, we came home and ate vegan brownies after homework!

Theresa Ceman 21′ enjoying her vegan brownie.
Photo Credit: Liz Martinez 22′.

After my best friend Theresa Ceman 21′ left, I went to Newport with my mom and ate dinner at a vegan restaurant. Unfortunately, my cauliflower pizza tasted like meat… and I don’t know why. It made me feel weird so to make me feel better my mom kindly took me to Starbucks and I had almond milk hot chocolate. Somehow it worked and I felt great after.

Mama and I in Newport.
Photo Credit: Liz Martinez 22′.

After that, I drove home and went to bed!

Thank you so much for reading my articles during this school year! I had so much fun as a writer and hope you tune in to some of my articles next year! I appreciate you and I hope everyone has the best summer 🙂