Saying Goodbye to Ms. Young


We will miss you, Ms. Young! Photo from Rosary Academy’s website.

Isabel Alderete and Serena Park

As the 2020-2021 school year comes to an end, Rosary has to say goodbye to a beloved teacher, Ms. Young ’05. As the senior English teacher and senior class moderator, we’re definitely sad to see her go.

Ms. Young is moving on to do clinical hours for school counseling at Beckman High School in the fall in preparation to be an academic counselor, needing nine hundred hours over the next year to fulfill her requirements.

We sat down with her to hear her parting words and advice.

Q: What is your favorite memory at Rosary?
A: All of the times I won the spirit stick throughout my four years here at Rosary.

Q: What will you miss the most about Rosary and what is the hardest part about leaving?
A: I will miss all of the senior insanity that happens every year, with rallies and Red & Gold. I will definitely miss reading books with all the treasures.

Q: Do you have any advice for the new English teacher or any Rosary students?
A: No comment on the new teacher. Rosary students, get involved, find your place in school, volunteer, try to be a captain, and TAKE AP LIT. Next year’s seniors, don’t give Bevins too easy of a time, but do your reading and bring your books.

Q: How are you going to decorate your new office?
A: I don’t know yet because I don’t know what it looks like or if it exists.

Q: Are there any books that you would have liked to teach, but never got the chance?
A: “The Merchant of Venice” by William Shakespeare. It’s such a cool play because when it was written it was a comedy, but now it is considered to be a tragedy–it really shows that not everything is timeless.

Caroline Linton ’21, one of Ms. Young’s AP Lit students, shared her thoughts on Ms. Young’s departure: “I love Ms. Young’s sense of humor so much, and I will miss it a lot in college. I wish everyone at Rosary could experience her teaching style, but I’m excited for her to become a counselor.”

Like Caroline, Ms. Barclay ’94 will also miss Ms. Young and all of her wisdom she brought to the academy. She commented, “Professionally, Ms. Young is dedicated and so creative. Having her in the English department has improved both curriculum and student engagement in ways I can’t even count.”

Ms. Barclay and Ms. Young are also great friends, and Ms. Barclay will miss having her right down the hall. She said, “Personally, her loss is a real blow to me because I felt so much better just knowing she was nearby. Our many meetings with donuts and homemade baked goods (she always made cool things) gave me so much to look forward to. I will miss her dearly. I speak for the whole department when I say to her: Please don’t go, stay forever, and we will miss you.”

While it’s hard to see Ms. Young go, we know she’ll accomplish amazing things as an academic counselor. Thank you to Ms. Young for everything you have taught us. Rosary will definitely miss your dry sense of humor and amazing book taste. Please come back to visit!