Follow Your Heart…But Take Your Brain With You!


Alicia Ventura, Editor-in-chief

As seniors go through their last few days at Rosary Academy, the Royal Reporter has made it their personal mission to compile a list of advice given by both the Religion and English departments.

Follow Mr. Chavez’s advice about morning classes.
Photo Provided by Alicia Ventura

Here’s what the Religion department has to say:

Make sure to always have a plan and stick to it!
Photo Provided by Alicia Ventura

“Make sure to have a good balance between your studies, your personal life and your faith life. Come up with a plan and stick with it.” –Mrs. Rosales

Watch out for credit card debt!
Photo Provided by Alicia Ventura

“Don’t stop going to mass. Trust me, you’ll need it.”- Mr. Bravo

“You’re going to have challenges and questions about your faith and that’s ok!”- Mrs. D’Alba

“Always remember that God loves you and that you are worthy.”- Mrs. Flati

Here’s what the English department has to say:

“Wear Sunscreen.”- Ms. Young

Also, Ms. Barclay wanted me to add in: “Don’t try to curl [or straighten for that matter] your hair when it’s damp.”

“Know who you are, don’t follow the crowd, and don’t procrastinate.”- Mr. Bevins

“Learn your lessons while they’re cheap.”- Ms. Barclay

And here are a few honorable mentions from other teachers:

“Cherish the time you spend with friends and family because time goes by so fast. Don’t forget to take pictures!”- Ms. Rocha

“Learn from your mistakes.”- Mrs. Ward

Seniors, you are about to embark on a beautiful new chapter of your lives. Make sure to follow your heart and your dreams…but take your brain with you too!