Three-Day Weekend Activities


Photo provided by Amelia Fiorentino

Senior Amelia Fiorentino visited Gonzaga Unversity with her mom, school nurse Mrs. Fiorentino.

Serena Park, Copy Editor

With our annual Golf Tournament as well as the second annual Athletics Day of Giving, this past Monday, April 26, Rosary students had the day off from school. In that dreaded period before finals and AP tests, this day off was just what many Royals needed.

Senior Amelia Fiorentino ’21 took the three day weekend as the perfect opportunity for a college visit, visiting Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. She certainly enjoyed her visit, saying, “I really liked Gonzaga! I was pretty set on another college, but after visiting Gonzaga, I definitely feel differently. I loved campus, the atmosphere, and all that it has to offer.

Over the weekend, the Trinitas Arts Conservatory held their first Rosary rehearsals for their upcoming production of “Once Upon a Mattress.”

Trinitas Arts Conservatory working hard at rehearsals this past weekend. Photo provided by Katie Thomas

Junior Katie Thomas ’22, who has a leading role in the show, says, “Rehearsals have been really good so far. It’s very special this year because our shows will all be performed here on campus at Rosary instead of in the theater at Servite.” We cannot wait to see their production of the musical.

Caroline Linton ’21 used the long weekend to fulfill plans two years in the making. Along with Serena Park ’21, she went to Melrose Trading Post in Los Angeles, an open-air market of vendors with everything from cute, trendy jewelry, to vintage clothes and records.

Caroline remarked, “Serena and I have been wanting to go to Melrose Trading Post together for about two years now and never really got around to it until this weekend. It was so much fun and we both bought so much cute stuff from different vendors.” Melrose Trading Post is open every Sunday from 9-5 and is a great way to support small, local businesses.

Unlike many Royals, junior Natalie Kim ’22 had a slightly less fun and adventurous weekend. She underwent emergency wisdom tooth extraction surgery, and was in recovery all weekend.

Natalie Kim ’22 after getting her wisdom teeth extracted. Photo provided by Natalie Kim

“It hurt a lot, but at least the timing of the surgery was perfect and coincided with a three day weekend to heal,” Natalie said. Natalie still cannot eat solid foods for a few days, but she isn’t letting that stop her from keeping active on campus, as she continues to play in lacrosse games and organize a menstrual product drive for women in need.

From visiting exciting places to being put under general anesthesia, these Royals sure know how to make the most of an extra day of weekend.