Track Season Begins


Elizabeth Martinez, Staff Writer

For the first time in a while, track meets have started again. With many hurdles, jumps, sprints and more, the team is excited.

The first race of the season was on Thursday, April 22nd at Servite High School. New and returning runners shared their thoughts on the upcoming season.

Senior and returning hurdles athlete, Theresa Ceman spoke on her feelings on the first race: “During the race I was very nervous. At the end of the day, I fell between two hurdles. But all that matters is I ran my heart out and even though I may have scars, I know I will improve for future races.”

Theresa Ceman 21′ before faceplanting at hurdles practice. Photo by Theresa Ceman

Junior and new addition to sprints,  Kat Martins shared, “This is my first time in two years running the 400. This experience racing was great and went smoothly. After two years I still felt comfortable that no time had past. I was also a fan of the nice weather.”


Kat Martins 22′ happy after completing her race.
Photo by Kat Martins

Junior and returning jumps athlete, Alinna Rivera shared, “It was great to be back out there after a year since last year’s season was cancelled. It was fun being able to participate in what I love to do, which is jumps.”

Alinna Rivera not only is a jumps athlete, but soccer as well!
Photo By Alinna Rivera 22′

All athletes have been training to do their very best for the upcoming racing season. Although there were struggles with racing during the pandemic, coaches have been working hard to have the team compete for Rosary. Many are finally ready to have sports in action and athletes are extremely motivated to race.