Top 10 Worst Things

Abby Tices list of the Top 10 Worst Things Ever. Photo credit: Flickr

Abby Tice’s list of the Top 10 Worst Things Ever. Photo credit: Flickr

Abigail Tice, Editor

A repulsing photo of the most useless, disgusting vegetable. Photo credit:
A wonderful example of what I mean when I say I hate sideburns. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Everyone has a list of things they dislike which may not make sense to others. Whether it’s a fruit or an activity–everyone has least favorites. So without further adieu… here is my personal list of the top 10 worst things (in no specific order).

1. Celery
Celery has been my least favorite vegetable since I was a small girl, and I could not give you a single reason why. I don’t eat meat so I enjoy a wide variety of vegetables, and celery is absolutely not one of them.

2. Milk
I’m not exactly sure where my hatred for milk sprouted from but to me it is truly one of the most repulsive beverages out there. I’ve even read up on why milk is objectively gross and um… well I’ll leave it up to you. I’ll give you a hint: it’s 3 letters; starts with a ‘P’ ends with an ‘S’ and has a ‘U’ in between the two.

3. Grape flavored candies
My only problem with grape flavored candies is the fact that they do not taste like grapes. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still enjoy a grape jolly rancher if I have to, but I will not be satisfied with the fact that the flavor says “grape” but tastes like Dimetapp, the children’s cold relief syrup.

4. Banana flavored candies
This one may just be a me problem–I think I’m allergic to bananas so I’m not exactly sure if I remember what they taste like. Whenever I eat a banana I feel sick, so I associate banana candies with feeling nauseous as well.

5. Sunday nights
Unpopular opinion: Sunday nights are worse than Mondays. Although Mondays are well known for being the most hated day of the week, Sunday nights are the anticipation of the upcoming day AND WEEK. They’re just the worst.

6. Small pant pockets
I’ll explain this one with some help from my dear friend Emma Silva ’23. She explained, “Small pant pockets were sent by the devil to personally attack me. The sheer humiliation of trying to fit your keys in your front pocket only to discover that the depth of the pocket is about 0.2 inches infuriates me.” In conclusion, why are they so small? What is the purpose?

7. When people put the toilet paper on the wrong way
I really hope that this is universal but it may not be. I’ll just explain this one with a simple question: Who in the world puts toilet paper on backwards so that it rolls down the back of the roll instead of neatly over the top?

8. Velcro
This one has two parts: the first being the Velcro on visors. Being a softball player, I wear a visor almost every day and get my hair stuck in the Velcro every single time. How dare the Velcro take hold of such a prized possession of mine? Also, when people relentlessly play with Velcro in a quiet room. Can they not tell everyone is annoyed?

9. Baths
Don’t get me wrong, a nice bath is always relaxing to me but it comes with a price. Usually when I first step in the bath the water burns my skin but after a few minutes I get over it and I’m fine. But then, after sitting in the water for a while I start to sweat–defeating the whole purpose of bathing. And to make it all worse, a few minutes after I stop sweating, the water gets too cold and it’s time to get out. Not enough time to relax to the extent that I would like to.

10. Sideburns
Something about sideburns just doesn’t sit right with me. I’m all about expressing yourself and doing whatever you want with your appearance, but all I can think of when I see sideburns are the Presidents of the United States. Not any of them specifically, but I feel like it was an unspoken rule that you had to have some sort of excessive facial hair to become president.

All of these things truly get on my nerves but each in their own special way. This was honestly very therapeutic for me to do and I definitely recommend writing out a list of your top 10 least favorite things. And maybe the next day do your top 10 favorite things to balance things out. Happy top 10 listing!