Destressed and Blessed


Alicia Ventura, Editor-in-chief

Projects! Research Papers! Finals! College!

Sometimes, these prove to be too much for a teenager, and that’s ok.

Rosary prides itself on being on top of its students’ wellness.

This semester, Rosary’s director of Social and Emotional Learning, Mrs. Tran Ryan, has taken the reigns on this wellness day, and has prepared some fun activities to teach and spread awareness about mental wellness on campus.

Thursday, April 21st, was a day for students to become aware of mental health at Rosary. They were allowed to wear green in support of the mental wellness.

A week before, Mrs. Tran Ryan sent out an email announcing to the student body what would be taking place. She also sent out a link for students to sign up for different activities.

There was a total of 11 activities for students to choose. From journaling to breathing exercises to an outside walk, there was a wide spectrum of wellness awareness activities that could be turned into hobbies.

Destiny Martinez ’21 signed up for the “Reach Out with Yoga” activity and really enjoyed herself. She shared, “I had a track meet that day, so it really helped me stretch and relax at the same time. I would definitely do it again.”

One of the most popular activity was “Dance, dance, dance!” Royals were able to get their blood pumping and distract themselves by just dancing. Elena Walz ’22 was super excited to have been able to do that during school. “It’s not everyday I get to sing and dance with my friends!” Elena said excitedly.

Mrs. Tran Ryan sure out-did herself that day, she even made sure to include Cohort E during this day of mental health awareness.

Royals on Cohort E got to practice several ways to destress including breathing exercises and mind-clearing methods. Towards the end of Flex, Cohort E was also able to see videos the Video production class had produced. They were all about ways to make sure you’re on top of your mental health and included resources for the days you feel really down.

Alisandra Duarte ’22, who was on Cohort E, explained, “During the activity, I felt reassured and educated on how to manage my stress and how to help others with handling stress.”

A lot happened on Thursday, April 22nd. Royals destressed, got rest, and were incredibly blessed!