Which High School Musical movie is the best?


Elizabeth Martinez, Staff Writer

This article is dedicated to any “High School Musical” fans. As there are mixed reviews on this question, it is time for Royals to voice their opinion. Out of all three “High School Musical” movies, which one is the best?

First Kathleen Martinez 23′ said, “I like the first HSM movie because it is the original plot. No other HSM series can beat this classic. It’s well written, comedic, and emotional. The combination of these emotions is exactly why I fully support this decision.”

Kathleen Martinez 23′ thinking about Troy Bolton in HSM 1.
Photo by Kathleen Martinez

Next, Gabriella Guzman 22’ said, “HSM 2 is the best because of the songs and the summer setting. The songs are the best out of all the movies. Overall, this movie makes me feel like I’m on vacation.”

Gabriella Guzman 22′ thinking about Troy Bolton in HSM 2.
Photo by Gabriella Guzman


Last Evelyn Levecke 22’ spoke in-depth about why she thinks HSM 3 is the best. She said, “This is a very hard question to answer because I am “High School Musical’s” biggest fan. For me, I think each movie is unique and special in its own way. HSM 1 is great because it is the original but it lacks Zac Efron’s real voice. In my personal opinion, HSM 2 has the best music selection in all the HSM franchises, but also lacks emotion. Then there is HSM 3 which I believe is the best HSM movie because of the storyline, the catchy songs, and the number of tears you shed by the end of the movie. I cannot remember a time I watched HSM 3 without a few tears falling down my face. I am not a very emotional person, so this shows how good this movie is. When that curtain falls, I break down due to the emotional rollercoaster of a franchise this truly is. *Cue sad version of “We’re All in This Together.* “

Evelyn Levecke 22′ thinking about Troy Bolton in HSM 3.
Photo by Evelyn Levecke


After hearing a few opinions, there are mixed feelings from Royals. But most importantly, it is up to you to decide, which “High School Musical” do you think is the best?