Serena Park’s Baking Endeavors


One of Serena’s most recent baking endeavor- matcha milk bread. Photo by Serena Park.

Isabel Alderete, Editor-In-Chief

If you’ve ever seen Serena Park ’21 walking around campus, then you’ve definitely seen her carrying around a container with a pink lid. While this container is quite ordinary, the items inside of it are heavenly. At least once a week, she bakes some delicacy, packs it in this container, and brings it to school to share.

Serena has been baking since 5th grade, and she’s recently been experiencing with recipes a lot more. At the beginning her baking journey, she was making the basics, like chocolate chip cookies and brownies, but lately, she’s been trying new things, such as matcha milk bread and macarons.

Serena’s classic chocolate chip cookie. Always delicious, never dry. Photo by Serena Park.

Serena shared that she enjoys baking because it helps her relax and destress. She commented, “Especially when I’m making something simple like chocolate chip cookies, I find it relaxing to slip into a fixed method.”

Serena normally waits till really late at night to start baking because of her busy schedule, but the results are always worth, despite being tired the next morning.

One of Serena’s classics- mochi cake. Arguably one of her best desserts. Photo by Serena Park.

While Serena has baked many different treats, her favorite is a birthday cake she recently made for her friend. The cake was chocolate flavored with berry filling, topped with a berry buttercream. She shared, “This was the first time I ever made a layered chocolate cake, and I even got a little bold with the filling. But it turned out really nice; the slightly tart filling complemented the really rich cake.”

The beautiful chocolate cake with berry filling and buttercream. Photo by Serena Park.

Serena has yet to bake everything she desires, including the Japanese jiggly cheesecake, but she hopes to get around to it soon. If you ever see Serena carrying the container with the pink lid, be sure to ask for a piece of heaven inside, if there’s any left.