Spring Kairos 2021


This semester, the Kairos retreat was held in the same place as the fall retreat, at the JW Marriott in Anaheim. Unlike the Fall Kairos, both juniors and seniors were able to attend.


If you are interested in going to Kairos your Junior or Senior year, here are some insights and highlights on how this sacred retreat impacted everyone who attended!


To start, Mary Marshall 22′ spoke on her experience,

I was so grateful to be able to experience Kairos my junior year. I am so grateful for making a lot of new friends. I also highly recommend going on Kairos if anyone has the opportunity to go!

Mary Marshall ’22 poses for the camera. Photo Provided by Mary Marshall.


Next, Tara Fishman ’21 spoke on her experience,

As this was my first experience at Kairos I felt that I will remember this experience for a lifetime. I feel that God really spoke to me as I felt his presence with my sisters. We grew as groups, and I would not offer up this experience for anything!

Tara Fishman ’21 looking stunning! Photo Provided by Tara Fishman.


Last, Mrs. Rosales spoke on how Kairos impacted her as a teacher when she said, “The Kairos experience is as much a blessing for me as I believe it is for the students.  It is somehow an individual faith experience as well as an experience that breaks down barriers, heals and grows, and strengthens relationships. But the Holy Spirit definitely offers something different for each person that attends.”

Mrs. Rosales, junior religion teacher.  Photo taken from Rosary Academy Website.


After the pandemic, many thought there wouldn’t be a chance of setting a date for the seniors’ Kairos but not Mrs. Kearns ’78. She continued to pray for the possibility of Kairos and worked incredibly hard alongside her team (students and adults) in order to make BOTH (and all) retreats possible.

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” -Matthew 7:7

Mrs. Rosales’s small group poses as she takes a selfie.
Photo Credit: Mrs. Rosales.

Mrs. Kearns said, “Uncertainty aside, God has yet again exceeded any expectations of the attendees or even the leaders. We owe it all to Him!”