Inside Abby and Anna’s Brain


Anna DiCrisi (left) and Abby Tice (right) in journalism class, hard at work on the Royal Reporter. Photo Credit: Anna DiCrisi

Anna DiCrisi and Abigail Tice

Abby Tice ’22 and Anna DiCrisi ’22 decided that the insides of their minds were very chaotic and colorful places. To celebrate that, they decided to write a day in the life of their thoughts— from each other’s perspective.

Abby’s mind (from Anna’s perspective):

Ugh. Was that my alarm? WHAT?! It’s only 12 p.m.! How dare my alarm wake me up before the rest of the world has lunch. Oh well. I guess I should get up now.

My leg hurts. Oh yeah, that’s from the hydro flask that I bounce against my knees for pure entertainment. And maybe the softball sliding too. That could definitely be it.

Why is it so bright in here? Did the sun not get my text when I explicitly told it to not shine today so I could live out my dreams of being a vampire who is in love with Adam Driver? Whatever. I guess you can’t even count on the sun to have your back these days.

At least I still have my crystals. Oh no! Did they fall out of my sock and my shirt when I was wondering around the Rosary campus to avoid religion class? No, no, my rose quartz is still there. Thank the Lord. My Hemetite ring would have definitely shattered at that stress. That would have been okay though. I have three backup ones.

Look at all these cool clothes in my closet. What should I wear today? I’m feeling the vibes of the lovechild of Avril Lavigne and Kat Stratford. Although, let’s be honest: when am I not feeling that?

Since my alarm woke me up so early, I have extra time allotted for my eyeliner. I think I now have 3 hours instead of two to perfect it.

Oh! Daily reminder to tell the people I love how much I care about them. I’m nice like that I guess.

And it’s 8 o’clock! Time to go out with my super cool friends in my super cool indie town. I can’t wait to see the faces of all the young girls who idolize me and my style when I go to my super cool pop-up concert. Did I mention my brother’s a singer?

Catch ya later!


Anna’s mind (from Abby’s perspective):

Oh, okay that’s my alarm isn’t it? I guess I should get up–new day, new parking lot full of cars for me to bump into!

Aw would you look at this, my dad made me a beautiful breakfast to fuel my body before I continue on for the day. I also love my mom, I should ask her if she wants to watch “Criminal Minds” with me later tonight.

Ok, time to get ready for the rest of my day. Should I just wash my bangs in the sink today? No. I must look like a beautiful fairy goddess princess today. Omg I have the perfect outfit yesssss. I have to show this off on my snapchat story.

Alright, now that all my friends see how adorable I look in my fairy fit I can go to Chick-Fil-A for a late lunch. I really hope I don’t bump into a sign in the drive-thru this time… that was really awkward when that happened.

Success! I made it one whole drive to Chick-Fil-A and back in one piece. Ugh, I don’t get why people think I’m a bad driver.

K, now that I’m home and not really doing anything I guess I could get ahead on some homework. Actually, never mind that’s a project that I’ll save for later. I’ll probably be stressed out about it by then but oh well!

Wow, I really have nothing to do now. I could watch “Criminal Minds” with my mom… OR I could nap for 2 hours but in 20 minute intervals and THEN I can get ahead on some homework.

Yeah, that’s it, that’s what I’m doing. It allows me to never sleep peacefully!

Goodnight for now!