Water Polo’s Senior Night


Veralie Naranjo, Staff Writer

On March 20, 2021 the Rosary water polo team celebrated their senior night.

The seniors graduating this year are Lauren Woolley, Chelsey Ruiz, Nichole Culver, Alexys Puche, Veralie Naranjo, and Mia Solorzano ’21. All the seniors are absolutely heartbroken that their high school season has come to an end.

The seniors with Coach Bevins taking in their last water polo moments.
Photo Provided by Maria Naranjo

Lauren Woolley says, “I am really sad that this will be the last time playing with Rosary. I’ve known Coach Bevins since I was just a little girl. But I am truly thankful that we had a safe and healthy season after everything that has happened this year”.

While the girls are getting out of the water for the last time, the parents had a little surprise waiting for them. All the seniors were given flowers, treats, and little thank you notes from the underclasswomen.

Coach Bevins celebrating the big CIF win.
Photo Provided by: Adam Herita

As the night was passing by, and all the family photos were coming to an end, there was still a surprise in store.

Mr.Tice who is head of the Athletic Department announced that coach Rory Bevins will be taking a break coaching the women’s water polo program. This left everyone in shock. Nobody was aware that he was leaving so soon.  Sienna Rose ’23 said, “I wasn’t aware that coach Bevins was leaving. I was really looking forward to the next season but at the same time I know he wants to spend more time with his new family.” Mr. Bevins and his wife welcomed their first child in November.

Although Coach Bevins is leaving the water polo program for a while, nobody will forget that he won a CIF Division III Water Polo Championship, was named Coach of the Year, and is one of the best coaches Rosary athletes will ever have the pleasure of learning from.