The 2021-2022 ASB Executive Officers


Photo provided by Elena Walz

Your newly elected Executive President, Elena Walz ’22.

Isabel Alderete and Serena Park

As the 2020-2021 school year nears its end, Royals are excited to welcome the new ASB members. While most of them have yet to be selected, the ASB Executive Officers for the 2021-2022 school year were elected this past Friday, March 26th. These four remarkable young ladies are perfect for the jobs, and this is what they had to say about leading the school body next year.

Jade Sandoval ’22 is your newest Executive Treasurer. While she ran unopposed, she is still very qualified for the job. Alongside ASB, Jade is involved in ambassadors, track, and cheer, and she is the treasurer of the International Cooking Club. She felt that being treasurer was perfect for her because she loves being involved. She shared, “I enjoy being involved with the school and this position not only allows me to represent my class, but it also allows me to represent the whole school.”

As Treasurer, Jade is most looking forward to being apart of the White Team. Red and Gold is her favorite Royal tradition, and she can’t wait to work behind the scenes next year.

Your newest ASB Executive Treasurer Jade Sandoval. Photo provided by Jade Sandoval.

Erika Kuehl ’22 won the position of Executive Secretary, and she is beyond excited to work alongside everyone else. She also ran unopposed, but her experience in PAL, ambassadors, campus ministry, and track and field make her perfect for the job. She shared, “I chose to run for secretary because I’ve always been super organized and on top of all my assignments, and I know being secretary is right up my alley.”

Erika is very excited to be secretary, and she can’t wait to work with the other executive officers to plan events and help foster Rosary sisterhood.

Brooke Medina ’22 ran unopposed as well, but did not fail to create a humorous and creative video for her campaign to be the next Executive Vice President. A transfer student to Rosary this year, she has already made the most of it, being involved in campus ministry, PAL, ASB, soccer, and even helping with the Royal Ramble podcast–all in her first year of being a Royal.

Brooke Medina ’22, your new Executive Vice President. Photo provided by Brooke Medina.

She shared her excitement at being able to serve our school, “Being a transfer I want to be able to give back to the people that welcomed me into their family.”

Last but not least is your newly elected Executive President, Elena Walz ’22. You’ve probably seen her at school somewhere, whether it’s playing one of her three sports (cross country, swim, and triathlon), leading as a campus minister, ambassador, or ASB member, or even at Servite as a crew member.

While there are many things Elena is looking forward to next year, like continuing to work with the rest of ASB, she is especially looking forward to Red and Gold as a white team member. She says, “Ever since I started at Rosary, I admired how composed the girls on White Team were, and I can’t wait to continue that legacy.”