Stylers & Swifties Unite


Taylor Swift and Harry Styles talking at the Grammys. Photo by The Grammys Recording Academy

Tina Enright, Staff Writer

Alright Taylor Swift and Harry Styles fans of the Rosary community, you’ve all got to stay with me on this one because I have a theory. Pay attention because this just might blow your mind.

As we all know, Taylor Swift and Harry Styles both performed at the 2021 Grammys a few weeks ago; it was the first time they have been publicly seen together since 2013.

We also know that Taylor Swift is known for her “Easter Eggs,” the subtle hints & clues she leaves in posts, videos, song lyrics, interviews, and just about everywhere else you can think of. Many of her fans make it their mission to pick these Easter Eggs apart, leading them to discover hidden song meanings, allusions, and hints to upcoming releases. Taylor Swift is the master of leaving these clues for her fans, and sometimes it can be extremely fun trying to piece them all together. She is a genius, after all.

Taylor Swift’s complete house of albums. Photo by Taylor Nation

To start, let’s look at Taylor Swift’s famous house of albums. If you look to the picture on the right, you will find Taylor Swift’s house of her nine-album discography, each room representing a different one. She wrote her fifth album, 1989 during and after her relationship with Harry Styles in 2013. Now here’s where it gets interesting. During her Grammy performance a few weeks ago, Taylor began her performance by singing on the left roof of her folklorian cottage—THE EXACT SAME PLACE that 1989 is located in her house of albums.

We also already know for a FACT that Taylor Swift has already started re-recording 1989  because two days before the Grammys, she posted a snippet on her Instagram story of her new version of “Wildest Dreams” that is being used in the upcoming DreamWorks animation movie, “Spirit Untamed.”

Spot the difference in Taylor Swift’s gorgeous Grammy dress. Photo by The Grammy’s (right) and Oscar de la Renta (left).

Now let’s look at the floral dress Taylor wore to the Grammys. On your right, you will find a collage featuring Taylor’s dress: on the right is the dress as she received it from her designer, Oscar de la Renta; on the left, you see the dress as she wore it to the Grammys. Now because the model came directly from her designer, we know it is the exact same dress that she wore to the Grammys. But if you look closely, you’ll sight a subtle difference: just above Taylor’s knee there is an extra large sunflower, which means that she personally added a sunflower there after she received the dress from her designer.

Who has a song with a Sunflower in it?

Taylor’s added sunflower hints to Harry’s Sunflower, Vol. 6? Screenshot of Spotify by me.

You guessed it. The one and only Mr. Harry Styles.

Now I’m not trying to jump to any conclusions here, but this is too many coincidences to not mean anything. We know Taylor Swift is recording 1989 right now and we know that album was written during and after their relationship. We also know that Taylor Swift is experimenting with her vault songs because she said so in her recent post announcing the release of “You All Over Me” featuring Maren Morris (which she released last night and it’s amazing you should all go listen asap).

So the point of all this is WHAT IF THIS MEANS that there is an unreleased collaboration of the two of them that they wrote while they were together but didn’t release because they broke up. WHAT IF THIS MEANS Taylor will be putting a T+H collab on the 1989 re-recordings? Taylor Swift has already made it known she is collaborating with artists for her vault songs because they’ve never been heard and she has room to experiment. If this all proves true and there really is a Swift/Styles collaboration, I will DIE and the world will END.

Now, we have to remember that this is all just a theory and there’s a good chance none of this means anything at all. But it just makes a little too much sense. All I’m saying is that if all this doesn’t mean anything, it sure is a lot of coincidences.