Rosary Softball Back at It


Rosary softball poses for a picture at Yorba Linda High School after a 6-3 victory. Photo credit: Maryanne Tice

The Rosary Academy softball team had a game to open up their season on Friday, March 19th. This is despite the fact that the team hadn’t played a league game in over 54 weeks due to the cancellation of their season last year.

Nevertheless, the softball team has not stopped practicing–even if it meant masks and social distancing. Since September, the team found a way to have some sort of practice whether it be a conditioning class on zoom or an actual field practice.

After all that practice, their hard work payed off. On Friday the 19th, they had their first league game against Sunny Hills High School and beat them 5-0. The next day they played Valley Christian High School and beat them as well with a score of 20-0.

After these two games, I thought I would ask my fellow teammates how they feel about playing and how things are different now than they were in previous years. Jaiden Lopez ’22 said, “It was really relieving because I really missed playing softball with my high school teammates. It’s different because with playing during Covid, a lot of social distancing and mask rules were added on that are difficult to follow at times.”

Junior Isabella Fuentes had something similar to say, “I feel relieved because I honestly didn’t know if we were going to have a season or not. I wanted to play my junior year because the softball season is what I look forward to the most out of the whole school.” She then went on to explain the differences saying, “It’s different because I appreciate it more. I cherish it more because I didn’t get a season last year so now I’m really trying to make the best out of this one.”

Martina Gutierrez ’22 had something different to add explaining, “It was different from previous year because everyone had matured so much since the last time we played together and our presence on the field and in the dugout felt so much stronger.”

Lastly, Melissa Hanson ’22 said, “Honestly I felt really excited and relieved to play a league game again. I genuinely thought, with this whole pandemic, that the softball team wouldn’t have a season just like last year. The fact that we were able to play against another team brought me so much joy.” She then added, “Like other sports, it’s a little different with the mask regulation and social distancing. To be completely honest, I kind of miss the old way we used to give high-fives and be close to one another while cheering; however, I’m willing to comply with new rules if it means I still get to play with my teammates.”

It’s definitely refreshing and relieving to see softball back on the field and I’m glad that we are able to have a season this year. We have all grown so much as people and players and gained so much talent that it would’ve been absolutely devastating to have to sit out another season.

As of now, the Rosary softball team is 2-0 with more games on the way. Their first Trinity League game will take place sometime in mid to late April and the girls are so excited to play against such competitive teams again.