The Best Coffee Shops in OC Pt. 2


The amazing Frame honey latte and Einstein coffee. Photo by Isabel Alderete.

Isabel Alderete, Editor-In-Chief

If you dig through The Royal Reporter’s many wonderful articles, you might find an article titled “The Best Coffee Shops in all of Orange County.” While the list of coffee shops from that article is still very strong, some updates definitely need to be made.

However, I have yet to try every single coffee shop in Orange County (there are a lot), but I have been to quite a few. This list is a few of my personal favorite coffee shops so far, and I highly recommend you try all of them.

  • Nook Coffee Bar

Nook Coffee Bar is located in The Lab in Costa Mesa. Their extensive menu includes the basics, like cold brew and cappuccinos, but also fun drinks, like the Honey Lavender Latte and the Lavender Matcha Latte.

Marysol Cazarez ’21 has been to Nook multiple times, and she’s never been disappointed. She shared, “I love going to Nook because they’re really consistent. It’s also really fun going to The Lab to get some amazing coffee and then walk around and shop for a bit.”

Marysol has tried both the Spanish Latte and the Mocha, and she loves both.

Nook’s Strawberry Matcha Latte. 10/10. Photo by Isabel Alderete.

My favorite drink from Nook is the iced Chagaccino, but I’ve also tried the Strawberry Matcha Latte. A Chagaccino is a cappuccino mixed with chaga mushroom powder extract, cinnamon, and monk fruit sweetener. While it sounds quite odd and scary, I promise you that I tastes nothing like mushroom, only like lightly sweetened coffee and cinnamon. Chaga is added for its many health benefits, but it has no flavor.

Nook Coffee Bar is overall a well rounded coffee shop featuring many fun and delicious drinks.

  • Stereoscope Coffee Company 

Stereoscope Coffee is both a coffee shop and coffee roastery located in both Newport Beach and Buena Park. Their roast creates such a unique flavor in their espresso, and it’s so good.

My go to order at Stereoscope is an iced honey latte lightly sweetened with almond milk, and it’s easily one of the best honey lattes I’ve had. The espresso is very strong, but I prefer a strong espresso flavor versus a mild one. Their matcha is also amazing, and like their coffee, it’s on the stronger side.

My favorite drinks from Stereoscope Coffee. Photo by Isabel Alderete.

Stereoscope also offers some really cool food items, such as Espresso Soft Serve and Pesto Chicken Sandwich. I have yet to try their food, but I’m sure it’s just as delicious as their coffee.

  • Frame Coffee

Frame Coffee is a newer coffee shop in OC located in Fullerton on Harbor. Like Stereoscope, Frame roasts their own beans, allowing for a unique flavor. They source their beans from all over the world and roast them locally.

At Frame, I’ve tried the Einstein Coffee and Honey Latte, and they were both very good. Frame also has a lot of outdoor seating, so it’s the perfect spot to get some work done if needed.

  • Hidden House Coffee

Hidden House has two locations in OC, one in Santa Ana and the other in San Juan Capistrano. They source green coffee, roast it in house, and then use those beans to make all of the delicious beverages.

My favorite drinks from Hidden House are the Maple Latte, a latte sweetened with maple syrup, and the Dirty Chai, and chai latte was espresso. They’re both great pick-me-ups, and the flavors complement the espresso well. If you ever go to Hidden House, I highly recommend ordering either of these drinks.

The ambience of Hidden House is also really fun; the baristas are so nice and they always play good music.

Hidden House Coffee’s amazing dirty chai. Photo by Isabel Alderete.
  • Brot Coffee

Lastly, Brot Coffee is located in Orange. This name may sound familiar because it was on my previous list of the best coffee shops. Brot Coffee is just so good that I couldn’t remove it.

Julissa Gonzalez ’22, a fellow coffee lover, shared her love for Brot Coffee: “I love their iced vanilla latte with oat milk. I used to not like oat milk, but for some reason, I love the one from Brot. If I do not get an iced vanilla latte, then I’ll go for a nice hot mocha.”

I always get an iced Vanilla Latte with almond milk, but I’ve also tried their Rosemary latte, Caramel Latte, Dirty Chai, and Matcha Latte. Brot Coffee is very consistent and never fails to amaze me. Every sip of coffee is pure happiness.

Overall, there are so many amazing coffee shops in Orange County, and these are just a few. Honorable mentions to Play Coffee in Fullerton, Intentional Coffee in Fullerton, and White Sparrow Coffee in Tustin. If you’re in need of some caffeine, be sure to try any of the coffee shops mentioned.