The Luck of the Royals


Alicia Ventura, Editor-in-chief

Irish Proverb: Always remember that hindsight is the best insight to foresight.

Noelle Bermudez ’22 enjoyed the warmth of the sun as she played a few rounds of the lucky coin toss on the field.
Photo by Alicia Ventura

That being said, let’s look back at what Royals were able to participate in during their St. Patrick’s day-week!

Activity officers, Julissa Gonzalez ’22 and Natalie Kim ’22, made sure the Irish vibes lasted more than just a day by planning multiple full-day tasks and lunch-time activities.

On Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, Julissa emailed the Royals a challenge. On Tuesday, it was a St. Patrick’s day word search, and on Wednesday, it was a leprechaun scavenger hunt.

Morning challenges weren’t the only tasks the activity officers had planned though: lunch was also a time for fun and games.

From a lucky coin toss to a shamrock shake, the activities allowed Royals to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. Royals even got to guess how many lucky charms were in a container.

There was plenty of candy, T-shirts, and other prizes going around too!

Brooke Bowen ’21 oversaw the lucky coin toss and had lots of fun laughing over the missed tosses and jokes told as students threw their “coins” into the green pot.

Although unable to find any leprechauns for the scavenger hunt, Mary Marshall ’22 had lots of fun looking for them.

Elena Walz ’22 was happy to really spend time with her sisters and make conversation with people she hasn’t had time to talk to since coming back full time.

Another year has passed and so another St. Patrick’s day has as well. Putting their luck to the test, the Royals got to celebrate the day together. Now THAT’S lucky.