Journalism: The Best Elective Ever


Journalism students brainstorm ideas to write about for their next articles. Photo credit: Abigail Tice

Abigail Tice, Editor

With the school year’s end approaching, the academic counselors have started to prepare students’ schedules for the 2021-2022 school year. Most students received a sheet with the classes they could choose to take next year.

Among these classes are electives, and journalism with Ms. Barclay is by far the best choice. This year’s Royal Reporter staff has loved every second of this class and would like everyone to know about their experiences.

Serena Park ’21, one of the Royal Reporter’s editors shares why she thinks people should take journalism as their elective, “I think people should take it because it’s a unique way to learn more about our school and community.” She goes on to talk about her favorite part of the class saying, “My favorite part is getting to write about whatever I want and having class with people I normally wouldn’t have classes with–like underclassmen.”

Adriana Arroyo ’23, a writer for the school news outlet also expresses her opinion on her journalism elective, “People should take journalism as an elective because it’s one of many ways at Rosary that you can take a leadership position and find your voice.” She continues and explains her favorite thing about the class, “My favorite part of the class was the writing aspect of it. I love creative and recreational writing, and journalism is where I really got to showcase those talents.”

Last but absolutely not least, Emma Silva ’23 speaks her mind on journalism saying, “I think if you’re even slightly interested in journalism, you should take it. It’s an amazing creative outlet for me. My favorite part of the class is how nonjudgemental it is. When we are spitballing article ideas, it becomes a no-judgement zone. We laugh and work hard, and Ms. Barclay has made the best environment for her students in this class.”

As a writer and editor for the Royal Reporter myself, I couldn’t agree more with what each of my classmates had to say. I came into this class not really knowing what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised with what it turned out to be. I have made so many memories in this class and friends that I never would have been close with if it wasn’t for Ms. Barclay and her journalism class.

If you or anyone you know enjoys writing–whether it be creatively or not–take journalism as your elective. You learn so many things in this class that will help you in the future and if you’re lucky maybe Ms. Barclay will talk to you about her wonderful life and all of the brilliant ideas in her mind.

If you have any further questions about journalism and what it’s about–don’t be afraid to talk to your counselor or stop by room 208 to talk to the legend Ms. Barclay.