The 51st Annual Red and Gold Showing


The producers and co-producers showing their team spirit moments before the showing. Photo provided by Daly Holman.

Isabel Alderete, Editor-In-Chief

For many Rosary students, Red and Gold is one of the best parts of the Rosary experience. From all the amazing memories to all the new friendships formed, Red and Gold is one crazy and exciting process.

However, due to Covid-19, Red and Gold looked a little different this year. Instead of the usual 4 performances for a live audience, the teams created recorded performances that aired on Saturday. Seniors and captains were allowed to watch the recordings from the Servite Theater, which was accompanied by a socially distanced dinner.

Gold producer Marysol Cazarez ’21 really enjoyed the showing on Saturday. She shared, ” I loved seeing all of my team’s hard work come together in the recording and seeing all of our proud faces. I also loved getting to introduce Gold’s show live. I though I wasn’t going to be able to, so when I found out I could, I was really excited.”

Marysol and Anna moments before introducing their show. Photo by Marysol Cazarez.

Marysol showed her Gold team spirit by wearing matching bee costumes with Anna DiCrisi ’22 to represent their team mascot, the bumblebees.

Senior and Gold Head Fashion Captain Gianna Arenas also enjoyed the showing on Saturday. She commented, “It gave us a taste of what Red and Gold feels like in a normal year. I am glad we were able to feel the energy and hear the laughter and cheers in the theater during the shows. It was a good way to close out my last Red and Gold experience despite the pandemic.”

Gianna Arenas and Isabella Capps ’21 enjoying the show while repping their team color. Photo by Gianna Arenas.

Gianna also loved seeing the White Team do their dance mash up before the shows started. She said, “It was honestly not the best dancing I’ve seen, but it was still really fun to watch. My favorite part was when Mrs. Huerta joined White Team on stage for a little bit. I didn’t expect it, and it was really funny.”

Like Gianna and Marysol, Red Co-Producer Daly Holman ’22 had an amazing time at the showing. She commented, “My favorite part was the feeling I has when it was all over. I felt very accomplished and very happy that all of our team’s hard work had finally payed off.”

Like the Gold Producer and Co-Producer, Daly and Tara Fishman ’21 also showed off their team spirit by wearing matching ladybug costumes.

Daly and Tara as White Team announces the winner. Photo provided by Daly Holman.

Overall, despite the many differences, seniors and captains seemed to enjoy this miniature version of Red and Gold. Congratulations to both teams for wonderful performances, and a special congratulations to the Red team for winning the 51st Annual Red and Gold.