Curtains Closed for Class of 2021


Alicia Ventura, Editor-in-chief

Yet another curtain has set on the stage at the end of another Red and Gold season.

Taylor Bastidas’ favorite memory is being in the flight drill her sophomore year. She still wears her sweatpants to this day!
Photo Provided by Taylor Bastidas

And just like any other year, it is the very last formation for dance, cartwheel for drill, song for choral, line for drama, prop created for props, poster for publicity, costume for fashion, and video for media for another class of seniors.

Leilani Morales’ favorite memory was forming tighter bonds with her friends throughout her four years.
Photo Provided by Leilani Morales

So, in honor of these seniors, Class of 2021, I have collected the most beloved memories of some Royal Seniors throughout their four years in Red and Gold.

Hayley Yu loved making more friends from other grade levels and feeling United as a school.
Photo Provided by Hayley Yu

Julia Hunter: Her favorite memory was getting ready in the Servite gym with her category and getting hyped with her Red and Gold team right before their very last show.

Isabel Alderete had so much fun running around decorating the campus and bonding with the other red captains her junior year.
Photo Provided by Isabel Alderete

Maria Garcia: Although a little unusual, Maria’s favorite memory is the smell of the dense smell of hairspray, sweat, energy drinks and yes, even glitter in the air as they wait in the pit under the stage.

Sascha Portero: She remembers getting ready for their last finale with loads of glitter lots of paint; she particularly remembers slapping her friend’s leg and leaving a handprint on her thigh.

Claire Early: As a script captain for three years, her favorite memory was being able to see her script come alive and being performed in front of a live audience her Sophomore year.

Marysol Casarez: Marysol distinctly remembers meeting up in a tiny coffee shop with her script captains and her co-producer to bounce ideas off of each other for Red and Gold this year. She especially loved the moment when they would all agree on an idea and scream with glee.

Amelia Fiorentino: She absolutely loved being on White team and learning all the dances and drills for their own performance.

Nikki Culver: She loved having to stay late for props her Sophomore year, ordering pizza and just having a great time with each other.

Alexys Puche: Alexys’ favorite Red and Gold was her Sophomore year because of the overall energy from both teams. She met the most people and bonded with them that year!

Jonnie Robles: As a captain this year, she really loved watching friendships form right before her eyes and getting to have more people to greet in the halls.

Caroline Linton: As a white team member this year, Caroline enjoyed watching the curtain raise on both shows. She explained, “I was just so beyond relieved and filled with joy that we were able to pull off the best and most beloved tradition in these insane times.”

Gianna Arenas: Gianna had to two outstanding memories of Red and Gold. The first was making posters until dark with her best friend her Sophomore year and the second “has to be kickoff night this year on Gold, because [she] was with [her] friends and [they] ate mozzarella sticks.”

Red and Gold came and went in a blink of an eye this year, but even then, the memories remain and so do the life-long friendships and bonds you can’t get anywhere else-ONLY from creating forty-minute shows and competing against each other.