Rosary Returns to Full In-Person Learning


Elizabeth Martinez, Staff Writer

On February 16th, Rosary Academy went back to full in-person schooling. Is it better than Hybrid? Are there mixed opinions? Is zoom the move? This is the scoop on how students feel!


Kathleen Martinez 23′ expressed her preference regarding the on-campus return: “I prefer being back because it makes learning easier and has improved my concentration during class. Through this, my grades have also improved. It also helps me know my teachers and build a true relationship with friends face-to-face.”

Kathleen values her education and is grateful to be back because she finds building relationships that she couldn’t through the screen.


Kathleen Martinez 23′ and Athena Mandi 23′ doing an art project in class.
Photo by Kathleen Martinez


Emily Lopez 22′ had an opposing opinion: “The return to school has been pretty stressful. I preferred hybrid because we were spaced out more. Although I decided to attend school fully online, I have found myself to be more productive and I love it.”

Emily maintains health and safety as her main priority, and because of the Cohort E option, she is free to learn at the same rate as any class, which she loves!

Emily Lopez 22′ living her daily zoom life 🙂 Photo by Emily Lopez


Brooke Kizziar 22′ spoke on her experience for the first couple of weeks back on campus: “Full campus return has been an adjustment but I’m glad to be back. I haven’t been in school with half of my friends for almost an entire year. it’s been so nice to finally eat lunch with them again.”

In Brooke’s eyes, seeing her Rosary sisters again makes her feel complete.


Brooke looking fabulous for the camera. Photo by Brooke Kizziar


Madison Ye 21′ spoke on how she feels while being back to school: “I love being back on campus and seeing all my friends. I missed having a full classroom and having everyone able to participate first hand.”

Madi enjoys the return to finish off her senior year in a normal (ish) way.


Madi and friends working hard or hardly working? Photo by Madison Ye


During this time, all royals had the option of going back to school or continue fully online. The return has been an adjustment, but these Royals are glad to be back in a stable routine again.