Mr. Stegink’s Love Story


Mr. Stegink and his wife, Kristina Stegink. Photo Credit: Mr. Stegink

Anna DiCrisi, Editor

Happy Valentine’s Day Royals!

I hope you spent your Valentine’s Day with the people you loved and not reciting Shakespeare in a corduroy skirt like I did (just kidding come see Midsummer promo code Anna DiCrisi).

If you had a morning like I did on Sunday, you would have gone on a last-minute drive to target to buy roses for the love of your life, Katie Thomas ’22, only to find the Valentine’s Day shelves at the store completely empty.

“Who could have taken all of the red chocolates and flowers?” you ask yourself before remembering that people in your life have valentines too– people none other than the teachers of Rosary Academy.

Now, I’m not accusing Rosary teachers of raiding the Target in Huntington Beach, but I am shedding light on the love story of one of our most beloved teachers, Mr. Stegink.

Mr. Stegink has been with his wife now for seven years, and I had the pleasure of learning the beautiful and adorable details of their story from Mr. Stegink over the holiday weekend:

“My wife and I met on the OK Cupid dating app. After a week of emailing back and forth, we agreed to go out on a date. ​Our first date was coffee and scones at Flour café in Boston. It was the middle of November. I was in the city for a teacher’s conference and she lived in Boston. After talking at the cafe for awhile, we walked around together and ended up at a small bookstore where we talked about one of shared passions: books!

“​My wife’s family friend was the officiating priest and my mother, a protestant pastor, was able to play a large role in our wedding ceremony. She got to deliver the homily and lead us through our vows. That was really special. At the reception, we had a massive ice cream sundae bar with tons of toppings and flavor options. It was also special because all eight of our grandparents were in attendance. All four of mine took the train together from Michigan to be there.

​”It didn’t take long at all to know I was in love with Kristina. There wasn’t a specific moment I knew though. We are both impulsive people and we’ve always jumped into things together.  We met, got engaged, moved to California, started new jobs, had three kids, and bought a house in only 7 years! That might seem like a long time, but for that many big life changes, it’s not!

​”Our firstborn, Theo, was born on Valentine’s day so he’s kind of taken over the holiday. We spent the day spoiling him with cake and donuts and we took him to a dinosaur drive-thru event at the OC fairgrounds.  To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we exchanged gifts quickly (I got allbirds, she got a pedicure gift certificate) and then got back to the chaos of parenting.”

Well, that was definitely the cutest story I’ve ever heard. It seems that Mr. Stegink’s life has set the bar pretty high in this area. I’m sure all of us will find something that amazing…eventually.

I hope all of you had a Valentine’s Day full of joy and love, but before I go, I’ll leave you with this cheesy Valentine pun:

“I’ll never stop tryan to show you how much I love you!” Get it? Because Mr. Stegink’s name is Ryan? No? Okay.

Happy Valentine’s Day!