Mia Solorzano Commits to LMU

Veralie Naranjo, Staff Writer

Senior water polo captain, Mia Solorzano, has committed to play D-1 water polo at Loyola Marymount University.  Mia started playing water polo at the young age of eight on a club team named Commerce Aquatics, and she fell in love with the sport.

Mia had many commitment options, but her former club coaches are the reason she decided to commit to LMU. Her mentors were Diana Romero and Eliana Moon. Both Diana and Eliana, alumnae from LMU, guided Mia and helped her make her decision.

Mia as a 4-year-old wearing a water polo suit to her dream school. (Photo provided by: Amparo Solorzano)

During her early stages of water polo, she formed a close connection with her coach Eliana. Eliana was the first person to take Mia to an official water polo game. Mia said, “I knew  LMU was for me when I went to see LMU play against UCLA. LMU beat UCLA in the NCAA final. Right after that game ended, I told my parents LMU was my dream school.”

Mia with her coach Rory Bevins celebrating their CIF win. Photo Provided by Amparo Solorzano

Mia continued to work hard academically and athletically to achieve her goal of attending LMU. Just as a freshman, she became Rosary’s starter on the varsity water polo team. Mia didn’t stop pushing there. She eventually lead her team to win CIF division three water polo. Mia said, “I received many awards throughout my water polo career but, it wasn’t important to me. I knew I had to stay focused and humble until I got into LMU.

Mia and showing her new patches. (Photo Provided by: Amparo Solorzano)

Although we all knew where Mia was attending school, her family and friends have never been more proud of Mia achieving her dream. She said, “it feels pretty amazing to know that all of the work that I put in over the years has finally paid off. I am so happy that I am able to attend my dream school and am looking forward to what the future holds for me in college.”

Mia and all her achievements. Photo Provided by Mia Solarzano.

Mia Solorzano sets a good example that dreams are reachable when you push yourself to be the best you can be. This is just another way to remember that the sky is the limit.