Heading for College


Hailey Yu, Staff Writer

As many Royal seniors wrapped up the college application process during winter break, a handful of seniors have already committed to the college of their choice.

Kate Goggins ’21 and Lauren Woolley ’21 both committed and will further their education and athletics in the college level. Kate is committed to Boston College for soccer and explains, “I’m so excited to go to BC next year. I love the campus and Boston itself. I am also so excited to play soccer with my older sister who also goes there.”

Kate Goggins in Boston College gear and will play soccer there next year. Photo presented by: Kate Goggins ’21

Lauren is committed to San Jose State University for water polo and states, “My main goal was to be able to play water polo in college and I am so happy I am able to do that next school year. I love the school and I am excited for next season.”

Lauren Woolley will play water polo at San Jose State. Photo presented by: Lauren Woolley ’21

Yeehaw! because these Royals are going to Texas. Tara Fishman ’21 and Ryann Ersek ’21 committed to schools in Texas recently. Tara Fishman ’21 explains, “I fell in love with Texas and I believe Baylor is the perfect school for me. It has everything I am looking for and I am so excited.”

Tara Fishman in front of the Baylor bear. Photo presented by: Tara Fishman ’21

Ryann, who will be attending Texas Christian University explains, “TCU has been my dream school for a few years now so I am happy I will be able to attend next year. I love the school’s spirit and Texan culture.

Ryann Ersek in front of the TCU stadium. Photo presented by: Ryann Ersek ’21

Isabel Alderete ’21 will be attending New York University in the Fall. She explains, “NYU is my dream school and I am excited to move to my favorite city next fall.”

Isabel Alderete excited to show off her NYU gear. Photo presented by: Isabel Alderete

California girls like Marysol Cazarez ’21 and Lolani Blas ’21 will be attending school in California. Marysol will attend Loyola Marymount University and Lolani will attend Pepperdine University. Both shared how they are excited to stay in California and meet new people in the Los Angeles area.

Senior Lolani Blas excited to attend Pepperdine University last year. Photo presented by: Lolani Blas

Although we will miss these Royals, we are excited to see where the rest of the class of 2021 will attend. More college commitments to come in the Spring.