Cheer This Year


Alicia Ventura, Editor-in-chief

As expected, sports this year have either been cancelled or pushed back to the end of the year.

Unable to do stunts, Royals bring on the pep during their recording.
Photo Provided by: Jonnie Robles
[From Left to Right] Seniors Madison Mojica Ye, Sascha Portero, Anamia Saucedo, Jonnie Robles, and Alyssa Santos all have all embraced the changes to make their last year as memorable as possible.
Photo Provided by: Jonnie Robles
Rosary’s cheer team makes sure to follow procedures in order to perform their best.
Photo Provided by: Jonnie Robles

Rosary Cheer has been pushed back to the spring season, but instead of competing in person, they will be competing virtually.

Here’s how it works:

According to Jonnie Robles ’21, Rosary Cheer will be competing in the CrowdLeader division rather than their traditional competing division. This means instead of performing different routines, they will be performing a sideline cheer and two sideline routines.

Once they have mastered their routines, they have to record themselves before a certain due date. “They post the routines for other teams to see on Varsity TV, a site where all teams can view the United Spirit Association Virtual Competitions for Cheer and Dance,” shared Jonnie.

Just as certain measures were taken for Rosary Cheer to compete in the first place, important procedures were taken in order for cheerleaders to practice in a safe environment.

Irene Fernandez ’22 explained, “For all practices, we always wear masks and practice social distancing. We get our temperature checked at the beginning of practice to make sure we are healthy.”

As these hardworking Royals practice and perform, there have been obstacles they have had to overcome.

Jonnie is very disappointed Rosary Cheer will not be stunting during their routines as they usually do.

As for Irene, she is disheartened by all the changes during this season. One of those changes in particular is not attending summer camp. Usually, the cheer team attends a summer camp where they get to bond and improve their skills, especially for the freshmen.

Although many important, fun aspects of the cheer competition season have changed, both cheerleaders, Jonnie and Irene, have a positive outlook on their situation.

Both Jonnie and Irene appreciate they are able to see each other despite their challenging circumstances.

Irene mentioned Rosary Cheer placed 2nd place in both Band Chant and Sideline which “was very exciting because the challenges of Covid-19 have made each victory more valuable.”

As more and more time passes by, Rosary’s cheer team will get more and more used to this season’s changes as well as their new kinds of routines. Stay tuned for more Cheer News!