Cross Country Season Begins

Cross Country Season Begins

Elizabeth Martinez, Staff Writer

For the first time in a while, Cross country meets have begun. This is Rosary’s first sport allowed to compete during the pandemic, and the team is ready with excitement.


The first race of the season is on Saturday the 13th at Jserra Catholic High School. New and returning runners shared their thoughts on the upcoming season.


Senior and returning Varsity athlete, Noelle Bermudez spoke on her feelings for the first race: “I’m nervous because there feel like there’s more pressure considering it’s only us and another school running. I’m excited and grateful that we are one of the teams that we get to race. I’m excited to see all of us do our best and win some races!”

Noelle is excited to finish her senior year strong as this will be her 4th year running on Cross Country! Photo provided by Noelle Bermudez


Senior and new runner Lolani Blas shared, “It’s definitely a mix of excitement and nerves for our first race! I’m excited because I love to compete but nervous because I want to do well. Once I get through my first race, I’ll probably be less nervous for the ones after because I’ll know what to expect.”

Lolani has been working, practicing, and trying her best to prepare for the big race!
Photo provided by Lolani Blas


Freshman and new runner Mandy Puga shared, “This is my first time running cross country so racing is new to me. It is a little exciting and nerve-racking. We have been training for months so I am ready to race.” Mandy has shown up to every practice and has improved the most. She is working to gain a spot on Varsity as a freshman.


All athletes have been training to do their very best for the upcoming racing season. Although there were struggles with racing during the pandemic, coaches have been working hard to have the team compete, even if it is only with Trinity League. Many are finally ready to have sports in action and cross country athletes are extremely motivated to race.