It’s Time for Round Two

Its Time for a Rematch

Photo by: Ms. Torres

It’s Time for a Rematch

Alicia Dofelmier, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, January 27th after school in Room 208 the great Scattergories rematch went down. Before break there had been a Scattergories match in which Ms. Barclay ’94 felt treated unfairly so she called a rematch to prove to Elena Walz ‘22 and Anna Di’Crisi ‘22 that she is a true winner. Katie Thomas ‘22, Mr. Stegink, and myself all participated in the match as well. Ms. Barclay was vindicated as she did win and here all of the facts and first hand accounts from that fateful day.

It was only right that I approach Ms. Barclay first to get her opinion on her win and here is what she had to say, “It was a Scattergories rematch and I decided not to go easy on Elena this time. Even though I only won by one point, it was a moral, spiritual, and emotional crushing of her soul and that’s what matters most.

However, what is most disconcerting about the game is the fact that Anna DiCrisi doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘notorious.’ She tried to say that Matthew McConaughey, the beloved actor, is notorious. When we explained why that was not an accepted answer, I watched her descend into what could only be described as an Edgar Allan Poe style rage. Thankfully Katie Thomas was able to calm her down by speaking to her in some kind of soothing theater (yes that’s right I spelled it with the “er” at the end and I’m not sorry) gibberish.

At the end of the match, I’m pretty sure I remember Elena apologizing for ever thinking she could beat me twice in Scattergories. She promised to watch news only on CNN for the rest of the semester, and I thought that sounded fair.

If anyone tries to contradict this account, they are wrong.”

Elena After Losing to Ms. Barclay (Photo by: Ms. Torres)

Naturally there is going to be some controversy between Ms. Barclay’s and Elena’s accounts so here is what Elena had to say on the matter, “During the game there were some hotly contested answers such as when Anna put down Matthew McConaughey as a notorious person. For once, I agreed with Ms. Barclay because that is a ridiculous answer; he is famous not notorious. However, this caused a rift between me and Anna for the rest of the game.

However, Ms. Barclay had a similarly ridiculous moment where she put Jamba and Juice under famous pairs and put down an orangutan as something that is black. Jamba and Juice are separate things that make up a pair and an orangutan is not black. And, I did not apologize to Ms. Barclay or promise to only watch CNN for the rest of the semester.” 

Next, I talked to Anna to get her thoughts on the match. Anna said that, “I constantly came up with creative things to put down on my answer sheet but got shot down by teachers who are older than me. If that strikes you as bullying that’s because it is.” However in response to Anna’s claims, Katie said this, “Though I am also technically older than you, I’m closer in age to you and I tend to agree with Ms. Barclay and Mr. Stegink’s limits.” 

In conclusion, Royals’ Ms. Barclay proved that she can win a round of Scattergories. Through use of her wit and intellect she was able to beat Elena. While there were some out of the ordinary answers and the fact that Anna feels bullied by her teachers, it was a fun and entertaining match. Stay tuned as I am sure there will be another epic round of Scattergories to come. And beware, if you ever challenge Ms. Barclay to a Scattergories game or anything else, prepare yourself that you will most likely unfortunately lose. 

Ms. Barclay’s Feelings After Winning (Photo by: Ms. Barclay)