Online Vs. In Person Ordering

Essential workers will determine what is better? Online or In person orders?
Photo by Elizabeth Martinez 22'.

Essential workers will determine what is better? Online or In person orders? Photo by Elizabeth Martinez 22′.

Elizabeth Martinez, Staff Writer

For many businesses’ a lot of people have had the option to order in person or online. From big to small businesses, ordering online has become an extremely easy way to receive items. But as consumers, we tend not to think about what life for workers is like. Is there a certain way they like to get the job done?

As a Jamba Juice worker, my colleagues and I feel like online orders sometimes get out of control. In a span of one minute, we can get an order for 25 smoothies. We don’t mind preparing the orders, but the people who order it online expect to have it ready in 5 minutes. Sometimes, many people who have online orders choose to wait in their car, expecting us employees to deliver them to the car, which we do not provide as an accommodation. When customers realize this, they tend to get angry and yell at employees. On the other hand, customers that order in person tend to be nicer, more patient, and appreciative which I prefer over online orders.

Elizabeth Martinez 22′ and Hailey Yu 21′ working hard at Jamba Juice.
Photo Provided by Jack Mura

Next, we introduce Senior Caroline Linton 21′. Caroline works at Mothers Market Café and shared the reality of ordering behind the counter: “I work in a small café and sometimes online orders can be unclear due to technology issues. If I had to choose between both I prefer in person ordering because I love interacting with customers. I have memorized names, special requests, or even full orders of our consistent customers. It is just a completely different experience overall and I miss out when it is through a food service app. Not to mention, a large chunk of our earnings comes through tips. Online methods rarely encourage sending gratuities and it is not normal for tips to be received from mobile orders, no matter how large or complicated they may be. I completely understand the appeal of app ordering and I 100% use Postmates on a regular basis but as a server, it is a different experience that I miss with customers.”

Caroline working at Mothers Market Café.
Photo provided by Caroline Linton 21′
Caroline Linton ’21 takes a selfie with a very healthy green drink from the Café. Photo provided by Caroline Linton.

Lastly, we introduce Senior Hailey Yu 21′. Aside from working at Jamba Juice, Hailey runs her own business. From rings to bracelets, her amazing vision came to life with the name @superlovejewels on Instagram. Because her business is advertised on the Instagram platform, she does a lot of online orders. She shared her experience saying, “Regarding online orders or in person, I prefer the online process because it’s super easy for me just to package the product and ship. I don’t have to think about anything else but shipping it. I think it’s also more fun and exciting for the customer to wait in the mail for their order.”

Hailey’s adorable bracelets, rings, and earrings made of freshwater pearls and vintage silver with smiley accents.                                                                                         Photo Credit: @superlovejewels on Instagram.

In general, does ordering in person or online make a difference? The answer depends on the business. For employees like Caroline and I, we feel that in person ordering is preferred because it is more interactive with customers,(and could be a plus for tips) except or Hailey, who depends on online orders because Super love jewels is an online-based business.

At the end of the day, it is important that employees continue to aim for 100% customer satisfaction. Online and in-person orders should leave customers happy as well as employees in order for both to have a quick and easy experience.