Juniors’ College Meetings


Anna DiCrisi ’22 views her Naviance profile to prepare for college. Photo credit: Abigail Tice

Abigail Tice, Editor

As the school year comes closer to a finish, the junior class has begun to have meetings with their counselors to plan for college. While many Royals were nervous about their meetings, others were excited to take the next step to continue their education.

Gabriela Guzman ’22 had her college planning meeting with her counselor and parents last Friday. She shared her experience, “I was really scared that Mrs. Hartman was going to say that I needed to know my major right there and I definitely was not ready for that so I was relieved when she said I had time to research.”

Another Royal, Katherine Curry ’22, had her meeting last Wednesday and shared how it went by saying, “I was decently prepared going into the meeting so I wasn’t scared. Since my brother and sister already went through the application process, nothing was that new. The only thing I was scared for was figuring out what I want to do or major in.”

One more student Kate Simmons ’22 shared how she felt about her college meeting and provided a slight rundown of what to expect, “Before the meeting I felt nervous because had never really looked at a whole bunch of colleges and had almost no idea where I wanted to go. Mrs. Crowley asked me some questions about what I wanted in a college and we looked at my grades and she gave me a bunch of really good options that made me feel a lot less stressed out and gave me a better idea of where I wanted to go and where to apply.”

Many other juniors are waiting for their college planning date to come, and plenty of them are still nervous to attend. If you’re a junior who hasn’t had their meeting yet, don’t be nervous about it. Your counselor will walk you through the process step by step.