Poetry by Anna


Me, Anna DiCrisi, and my notebook that contains a little too much writing. Photo Credit: Anna DiCrisi

Anna DiCrisi, Editor

Hey Royal Reporter! Although you may think that I spend all my free time perfecting journalism articles, I actually love to write poetry. I write poems for myself whenever I get a minute to think, and over the course of last year, I wrote over 100 poems. I have dreams of maybe compiling them into a book one day, but before I do that, I’ll share them with my first audience. I write whenever I am feeling any emotion, but these five were written after I had an amazing and memorable night. Riding a high, I sat down and made my feelings permanent:


I know how it feels to try

to install an undeniable amount of energy into something.

And I also know

that I’d much rather just be.

I’d much rather hold the feeling of living in my hand

without trying to,

to have a gust of overwhelming happiness be done unto me; to run with it.

When I don’t have to put effort into exceeding existence,

the moments when I embody an experience without forcing it.

when simply being allows me to truly exist,

when I know, as I am, that the future will consist of countless flashbacks.

I know I will remember how the moon was almost close enough to grace the water,

and how I was at the mercy of my effortless laughter,

and I will be able to look back on these slices of time and know

that I didn’t have to try to find them.


And here- as I lay my heart out in your hands-

don’t drop it, it’s special,

and it demands to be held

delicately in a balance

of understanding and emotion

That only you can muster for my content.

Synthesized in your reactionary commentary

that I need

that I want

that I love

that I hope

will go down in my commemorated history.

and surrendering my guard

to your unmistakable embrace,

I rest easy knowing that

what is now yours was well-received.

And I smile at you bringing forth

each days new light

to celebrate my individuality.


People need connection to feel protected, to find security in this world.

We crave acceptance, a sense of somewhat of a home.

And while we can’t predict how the ocean will crash or how the stars decide to fall,

we can rely on steadfast promises and remembrances that we are not alone.

And as the universe signed on the dotted line, the only thing they insured us

was a permanent impermanence weighted down by adversity that change doesn’t seem to cut.

And without that guarantee comes a search for me, a search for what I am meant to do.

The answer is tied up in a puzzle of confusion- purpose becomes a contradiction.

The real answer lies in the marks by your eyes, a connection between me and you.

It’s the yearning for all the embraces we now cannot give

that show us without fault how we all need love to live.


If you had let me I would have paused the whole world and never go past tonight,

because the truth is,

I think I am in love with tonight.

The way the light hit my eyes gave me butterflies,

the beat of my heart as I ran made me smile,

and I would have given anything to make it last forever.

Because that’s what you do for love

with love, in love.

I would have made a scrapbook when you hugged me

and celebrated our anniversary when we danced,

and when we walked through the neon signs I would have given you a thousand chances.

Chances to completely cherish and destroy me and trusting you to love me right,

the sound, the smell, the touch, the air-

the way I love tonight.


There I stood,

A shade between white and blue,

Finally resisting the urge to change


I ran across the field for you.

And there I stood,

Grasping at the air and,

I finally caught a branch

Of a tree that was bare,

Yet held all the fruit in the world,

With night hands that were

never taught to keep to themselves.

And there I stood,

Wrappers in my pocket,

Jacket off my shoulder,

Out of breath

And gaping at the sky,

Holding a christening gift

From the stars

That just smiled

And welcomed me home.