My Taylor Swift Favorites


Taylor Swift singing during her “Reputation” era. Photo by Getty Images.

Tina Enright, Staff Writer

If you’ve read some of my previous articles, you know that I am a very passionate Taylor Swift fan. This week, I’ve decided to do a review of Taylor’s nine album discography. So here’s my personal album ranking and top five favorite songs from each album.

Album 9: “1989”

I hate to put any of her albums last because they’re all great, but because I have to I’ll say “1989”. In this album Taylor experimented a bit with rock-pop, and was very successful. She titled “1989” after the year she was born.

My Top Songs:

  1. “Out of the Woods”
  2. “Clean”
  3. “You Are In Love”
  4. “Style”
  5. “Wildest Dreams”
Taylor Swift’s debut album cover, released in 2006. Photo by Big Machine

Album 8: “Taylor Swift”

I actually really love this album so it pains me to rank it this low. This is Taylor Swift’s debut album that contains strictly country music. This was the album responsible for kick-starting her career.

My Top Songs:

  1. “Teardrops on My Guitar”
  2. “Tim McGraw”
  3. “Cold As You”
  4. “Our Song”
  5. “Picture to Burn”

Album 7: “Fearless”

The second studio album of Taylor Swift’s career, “Fearless” is a mixture of country and pop music. I don’t think there’s a song on this album that I dislike.

My Top Songs:

  1. “White Horse”
  2. “The Way I Loved You”
  3. “Fearless”
  4. “Breathe”
  5. “The Best Day”

Album 6: “Lover”

I love this album whole-heartedly. It was released about a year and a half ago, and is primarily a pop album. Give it a listen, it’s fantastic.

My Top Songs:

  1. “Cruel Summer”
  2. “Lover”
  3. “Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince”
  4. “Cornelia Street”
  5. “It’s Nice To Have A Friend”
Taylor Swifts “Lover” album cover, released in 2019. Photo by Getty Images.

Album 5: “Speak Now”

This is one of Taylor’s early masterpieces of her career. She wrote it entirely herself and it received extraordinary praise.

My Top Songs:

  1. “Enchanted”
  2. “Back To December”
  3. “Sparks Fly”
  4. “Last Kiss”
  5. “Mine”

Album 4: “Red”

“Red” is one of my favorite albums. It is a balanced mixture of upbeat and slow songs, and it contains some of Taylor’s best work.

My Top Songs:

  1. “All Too Well”
  2. “Begin Again”
  3. “The Moment I Knew”
  4. “State of Grace”
  5. “The Lucky One”

Album 3: “Reputation”

Coming in at the bottom of my Holy Trinity, we have Taylor’s spikey “Reputation”. It was extremely successful and one of her fans’ widespread favorites.

My Top Songs:

  1. New Year’s Day
  2. Gorgeous
  3. Dress
  4. Getaway Car
  5. King Of My Heart

Album 2: “Evermore”

You already know I could go on forever and ever about this album, so I will spare you today. This is the sister album to “Folklore” that was released last month. I listen to it constantly.

My Top Songs:

  1. “tolerate it”
  2. “gold rush”
  3. “coney island”
  4. “champagne problems”
  5. “marjorie”
Taylor Swift’s “Evermore” album cover, released in 2020. Photo by Getty Images.

Album 1: “Folklore”

You already saw this coming, but drum roll anyway….”Folklore” is the singular most amazing album in the world. If you want to know more, I wrote an article about it last semester.

My Top Songs:

  1. exile (feat. Bon Iver)
  2. “this is me trying”
  3. “cardigan”
  4. “my tears ricochet”
  5. “the one”

That covers all her albums thus far. Taylor is known for her surprises, so who knows what she’ll do next?