New Semester, New Clubs


Abigail Tice, Editor

With the new semester beginning comes new clubs as well. All of the clubs at Rosary are split into three different types: Co-Curricular/Academic Clubs, Outreach & Service Clubs, and Special Interest Clubs. Club Rush took place throughout the week of January 18-22, and many Royals have great ideas for new clubs for the rest of the school to join.

Julissa Gonzales ’22 started a Curricular/Academic club called the First Student Generation Club. She explains how the club will discuss what it means to be a first generational student, as well as the benefits, opportunities, and programs that are available to them. They’ll also talk about how to balance school work in a way that is best for each students’ mental health.

When asked about the club’s main goal, Julissa answered, “The one goal that I have for my club is for my club members to feel confident in representing their families and for them to remember that they are not alone and someone is always out there willing to help, even in our own Rosary community!”

Another new service & outreach club was started by Natalie Kim ’22. T

Rosary’s PERIOD Chapter logo. Photo provided by Natalie Kim

his club is called Rosary Period Chapter, which is a school club under the PERIOD Movement. The PERIOD Movement is a global, youth-led, non-profit organization that fights period poverty and stigma through service, advocacy, and education.

Natalie explained what her club will do throughout this semester: “As a club, we will educate ourselves on period poverty (especially in third-world countries) and ways to end the stigma regarding menstrual cycles. We’ll try to do this by working on project, watching documentaries, talking to guest speakers, and more!”

When asked the same question about her main goal for her club this semester, Natalie said, “Our main goal for this semester is to grow our club and host a successful period product drive for a women’s shelter in Orange County.”

These are just two of many amazing new clubs coming to Rosary so make sure you all check out the club rush videos that were emailed out. If you’re interested in joining either of these clubs, feel free to email either of the Royals mentioned above. The Rosary Period Chapter has an account on Instagram too so follow that as well (@period.rosary)!

First Student Generation Club: Julissa Gonzales
[email protected]
Rosary Period Chapter: Natalie Kim
[email protected]
Instagram: @period.rosary