Small Businesses You Didn’t Know You Needed

One of the beautifully sculpted Lex Pott candles. Photo from

Isabel Alderete, Editor-in-chief

Are you tired of shopping at the same, boring department stores? Are you looking for a way to add some spice into your life? Well, then shopping at small businesses might just be perfect for you. Shopping at small businesses not only allows you to find cool, unique items, but it also helps out business owners during these difficult and unprecedented times.

Since shopping at small businesses can be overwhelming since there are so many of them, here is a list of places to start.

Some of the edgy and unique pieces from Cool is a Construct. Photo from Cool is a Construct website.

1. Cool is a Construct

Cool is a Construct is a trendy online fashion company that will fulfill your Pinterest dreams. Their pieces range from dresses to shoulder bags that feature funky and colorful patterns. Cool is a Construct is also an environmentally conscious brand, using deadstock fabric, or the unwanted and leftover fabric from larger brands, to create their clothing.

The beautiful, pastel candles from Lex Pott. Photo from Lex Pott website.

2. Lex Pott

Lex Pott is another small business that has most definitely been all over your Pinterest feed, but instead of clothing, this brand sells candles. But unlike your standard candles in a jar, these candles are slender and beautifully shaped by founder and artist Lex Pott. The most popular piece is the twist candles, which comes in a variety of colors but is unfortunately sold out.

Senior Isabella Capps loves Lex Pott candles. She shared, “I have a candle board on Pinterest, and the majority of them are Lex Pott candles.” She has yet to acquire one, but she dreams about that day.

A picture of the website featuring the cute loungewear. Photo from Apres Sunday website.

3. Après Sunday

Après Sunday was founded by Ellie Hall over quarantine in 2020. This sustainable fashion brand is UK based and is currently featuring leisurewear. The aesthetically pleasing colors on their sweats and crewnecks make the perfect matching set to wear out and about.

The Pinterest-worthy rings from mon cher moi. Photo from mon cher moi website.

4. mon cher moi

mon cher moi is a Los Angeles based women-owned brand that sells bold statement pieces, like chunky rings and colorful earrings. Mon cher moi translates to my dear self, so buying a piece from this company is an expression of self love.

Marysol Cazarez ’21 absolutely adores mon cher moi, but she has yet to get her hands on a piece of jewelry. Her dream earrings are the Cross earrings in Paris Blue, but they are sadly sold out. “I’ve been wanting these earrings for a while now, but every time I check, they’re sold out. My heart breaks every time,” she commented.

Some unique finds at Awoke Vintage. Photo from the Awoke Vintage website.

5. Awoke Vintage

Awoke Vintage originally started in Perth, Australia, but it’s now a brick and mortar vintage store in Brooklyn, New York, as well as an online Thrift Store. They sell one of a kind pieces that will most definitely spruce up your closet. Awoke Vintage is also environmentally friendly because buying and selling used clothing helps decrease waste created by the garment industry.

Senior Gianna Arenas is an Awoke Vintage lover. She turns to their website regularly in hopes of finding some cute pieces, as well as inspiration. She shared, “I love visiting the Awoke Vintage website because I could not only possible find an amazing shirt, but I also get outfit inspiration for things I have in my closet.”

All of these companies are perfect for gifts for friends and families, or even yourself. Whether it’s a blue, chunky ring from mon cheir moi or some comfy sweats from Apres Sunday, there is something for everyone. Shopping at small businesses not only can help improve the environment, but it helps the businesses owners as well. While these are just of few of the hundreds of small businesses out there, a simple Google search can help reveal the rest of them. Next time you’re looking to buy something unique, be sure to shop at a small business.