What about Red and Gold?


Alicia Ventura, Editor-in-chief

As we all know, the 2020-2021 school year has been the strangest yet.

Alyanna Gastinell ’22 and the rest of Red team’s Drama gets hyped for their last performance of the night (2019 Red and Gold).
Photo Provided By Alicia Ventura

Many school events have been postponed or cancelled, leaving many Royals wondering “What about Red and Gold?”

Gold’s Dance team has the time of their life on stage (2019 Red and Gold).
Photo Provided By Alicia Ventura

As of right now, the process of planning Red and Gold by Mrs. Huerta ’94, the white team and Red and Gold captains has continued as usual just with more caution and adhering to guidelines.

Gold’s Choral enchants the audience while singing onstage (2019 Red and Gold).
Photo Provided by Alicia Ventura

Of course, the actual Red and Gold performances will not be executed the same way it has in past years. For example, Rosary plans on pre-recording both Red and Gold performances and later live-streaming them along with the live White Team raffle and victory announcements (at the Servite Theater) on one day, Saturday evening, rather than three different days.

Raffle tickets, usually sold outside of Servite’s theater, will be included in two different kinds of packages available with the link to view the show. According to Mrs. Huerta, there will be three different packages families can purchase: The Premium Package (which includes two raffle tickets, a Red and Gold Mug, a tote bag, and the link), The Middle Package (which will include one raffle ticket, some popcorn and candy, and the link), and The Basic Package (which will just include the link to the show).

Usually, the money earned from raffle ticket sales goes to financial assistance for various families, so although a lot of aspects of Red and Gold will be different, the opportunity for tuition aid will, fortunately, remain the same.

But before any of the shows can take place, rigorous planning, practicing, and rehearsing must be done. Red and Gold Captains have in fact been hard at work throughout Christmas break and will continue to meet, plan, and write until Kick-off.

This year, kick-off will actually be two days. On January 28th and 29th, each cohort will be viewing ASB’s Red and Gold theme skit video as well as the Red and Gold Mass on their appointed day. Afterwards, students will meet with their teams and categories to discuss their script and ultimately their part in the show.

Despite Mrs. Huerta’s, White Team’s, and administration’s carefully thought out plans for Red and Gold, they have had many difficulties working around the many safety guidelines such as not being able to meet in person and the unpredictability of the county’s COVID situation.

This being so, everyone involved in the planning of Red and Gold has prevailed. Servite has been able to work closely with Mrs. Huerta to ensure the safety of all students and all Captains (Red, Gold, and White) have been able to creatively work on their dances, drills, chorals, scripts and even posters.

At the end of it all, Mrs. Huerta hopes to create something new and evolve the Rosary Red and Gold tradition further. Serena Park ’21, ASB’s Executive President, hopes Red and Gold “still holds that memorable, bonding atmosphere despite any differences this year will bring.” Caroline Linton ’21, ASB’s Executive Treasurer, hopes “The student body brings the energy that accompanies this tradition every other year… We [Mrs. Huerta, White Team, and Administration] hope that everyone can see our efforts and that these tough times encourage everyone, even more, to get into the Red and Gold spirit!”

For all freshmen new to Rosary’s Red and Gold tradition, feel free to watch this video about the expected Red and Gold hype. Also, for anyone who missed White Team’s Captain Reveal video, feel free to watch it and find out which Royals will be leading this year’s Red and Gold show.

As expected, Red and Gold will be different this year, but many people have worked tirelessly to make sure it happens. Red and Gold will be able to serve as a slight distraction from the chaos around the world.