Holiday Baking with Rosary Royals


Serena Parks’ half-eaten chocolate cake. Photo by Serena Park

Tina Enright, Staff Writer

The holidays may be over, but our holiday treats live on. This past Christmas break, several royals spent a lot of time baking and made some really tasty results. Most of us were cooped up inside because of the pandemic, so it was the perfect time to get in the kitchen. A few Rosary students shared their experience, so let’s hear what they have to say.

Serena’s delicious lemon bars. Photo by Serena Park

Serena Park ‘21 baked constantly over break. She says, “After years of experimenting, I finally created the perfect chocolate chip cookie. They were so good that I made extra batches and delivered them to a few friends for the holidays.” She also made lemon bars, brownies, and even a chocolate cake for senior Claire Early’s birthday. She continues to bake even though break is over because it helps her deal with stress.

Jasmine Vodhanel ‘21 made something that most people probably haven’t heard of before: a Polish Walnut Roll. Essentially, it’s homemade sweet bread rolled with a buttery walnut filling. Jasmine explains, “You can’t really find this particular baked good in stores, so you have to make it yourself. I made it from scratch with my dad. We also gave some to my grandpa because he really likes it. He used to make it when he was younger with his grandma.” They bake a Polish Walnut Roll every year, and Jasmine says it’s become a fun tradition in her family.

Jasmine’s Polish Walnut Roll. Photo by Jasmine Vodhanel.

I made chocolate fudge. It’s one of the easiest and tastiest holiday treats to make, and consequently my absolute favorite. For a few days it was quite literally the only thing I ate. All you need is butter, chocolate chips, condensed milk, a microwave, and a fridge. Even though the holidays are technically over, I strongly recommend making it if you need you’re bored, need a break from school, or if you simply just like chocolate. Be careful though, it is dangerously addicting.

That’s all about baking for now. If you’d like to try making any of these holiday treats, go for it! There are lots of recipes online to choose from. You can also ask Serena, Jasmine, or myself for our recipes if you would like to.