Royal Resolutions


Elizabeth Martinez, Staff Writer

As 2020 comes to an end, many are ready for a fresh start. To kick off the new year, some Students have gathered a list of their resolutions to make this year their best yet!

Freshman Finley Hawkins 24′ shared her 2021 resolutions:

1) Focus on school as much as possible to keep my grades strong.

2) Learn to manage my stress in order to stay calm and focused.

3) Make the best out of 2021 even if it isn’t completely normal.

By prioritizing school and mental health, Finley will face those while inspiring others to face stressful challenges head-on for 2021!

Finley Hawkins 24′ stepping out in nature.
Photo Credit: Finley Hawkins

Sophomore Gia Esjo 23′ shared her two main goals for her year:

1) Get into baking- it’s very soothing and just overall really satisfying.

2) Workout more- Self-image is important to me because it makes me feel beautiful and proud of who I am. I try to workout 3 times a week with my mom or sister. Overall I’m doing very well with my resolutions!

Gia expresses the importance of maintaining balance this year. She prioritizes having fun baking while living out her healthy lifestyle goals by working out!

Gia already accomplishing her resolutions!
Photo Credit: Gia Esjo
Gia Esjo relaxing after her workout.
Photo Credit: Gia Esjo

Junior Kat Martins 22′ shared her personal goals from her list:

1) To be more hopeful- this means being less pessimistic and maintaining that hope for a better year. Even though it is out of our control I can at least control the way I feel about it!

2) To live a healthier lifestyle- make it a goal to eat better, drink water, spend more time outside instead of in my room lolz, and pay attention to what I’m watching and looking at online.

3) To get that screen time down- spend less time on my phone and more with family and friends.

Kat looks at this year to focus on enlightening her soul. From being one with nature to keeping that screen time down, she has set these goals to have a cleansing and peaceful year!

Kat living her best life basking in the sun with her fav family member.
Photo Credit: Kat Martins

Senior Sascha Portero 21′ shared her top two goals for 2021:

1) My top goal is to get my license

2) I also want to make a conscious effort to not eat as much junk food

Sascha feels that this year is about focusing on her priorities with driving and consciously becoming healthier.

Sascha Portero 21′
Photo Credit: Sascha Portero

Every student has unique goals to face challenges head-on and contributing to these goals to have the best year yet. Although this year is different, the girls have thought of positive ways to have fun while accomplishing their goals!