Juniors Take the Win!


Mr./Mrs. Reinbold

Here are Royals trying to win the corn hole competition.

Julissa Gonzalez, Staff Writer

One of Rosary’s many traditions is Clash of the Classes, which is a variety of friendly competitions between each grade level to get everyone excited for Red and Gold.

During our COVID times, we have to make sure that everyone stays safe while still having fun, which is why Clash of the Classes looked a bit different from many other years prior. This year, ASB planned many fun activities, such as a school scavenger hunt, trivia games, and charades, while also taking safety percussions.

Brooke Medina’ 22 is a transfer from Conelly and got to expirence her first Clash of the Classes. She stated, “Being a part of clash of the classes was such a good way for me to bond with my Rosary sisters. We did some really fun activities such as charades and corn hole.”

Throughout each competition, every class would earn points depending on how well they did. For the campus scavenger hunt, Seniors took first place in speed and finding every item on the list. For the game of connect four, sophomores and seniors took the win.

Senior Grace Fairchild participated in Clash of the Classes one last time. She states “As a class we worked together to be the most spirited we could, and through that we were able to grow closer as a senior class. Also, since we have been in cohorts we haven’t been able to see some of the other classes, so cheering on the other classes helps us grow our sisterhood.”

Lainey Goldstein’ 24, stated, “I loved clash of the classes because of the undeniable spirit that was recognizable throughout the event. As a freshman, seeing all my sisters so united and enthusiastic reminded me why I choose to come to Rosary. I loved clash of the classes so much because of the sense of true community, and the building of connections.”

Mary Nassar’ 22, who was showing off her school spirit and participation, stated, “I was so glad that we could still have a form of clash of the classes this year. The junior class winning was definitely the highlight of the event. Being able to get together with all the classes to show our school spirit was an awesome experience that I’ll never forget!”

Ms. Luebke, who is the Activities Assistant on campus, stated, “Even though Clash of the Classes was different this year, it was so exciting to see that Rosary Spirit again. I think that all the classes really embraced the “2020” version of this event and made it their own, and I’m so proud of them for that!”

Once we finish every competition, every classes points are added up and that is how the winner of the beloved spirit stick is chosen. Since the school is split up into two different cohorts the juniors took lead on the first day of Clash of the Classes and then continued their victory.

This is the junior class cheering on their classmates during a game. (Mr./Mrs. Reinbold )
Mary Nassar’ 22 showing off her Royal spirit with the spirit stick. (Mr./Mrs. Reinbold)

Although Clash of the Classes may not have been like previous years, Royals still had so much fun competing for the spirit stick. Juniors took the win this time, but I guess we will just have to wait and see if they keep their winning streak!