The Hair Evolution of Dr. Spencer Reid

Dr. Reid's hairstyles through the seasons

Photo credit: CBS

Dr. Reid’s hairstyles through the seasons

Serena Park, Copy Editor

Throughout its fifteen-year run, CBS’s hit show Criminal Minds, which follows the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, or BAU, has definitely had its fair share of change through the seasons. But some of the most notable changes each season have to do with one character’s hair.

The team’s resident genius and fan favorite, Dr. Spencer Reid, played by Matthew Gray Gubler, started the show as the young, nerdy team member who mostly stayed out of the physical side of solving cases. But season by season, viewers watch their beloved boy-genius evolve into a toughened agent often found in the center of action.

With all these changes also came new hairstyles each season, from varying lengths to different parts. Let’s break them down:

Season 1:

“Extreme Aggressor” (Episode 1, Season 1) Photo credit: CBS

Season 1 gave viewers quite the first impression of the character. This hairstyle definitely expressed the awkwardness of his character in the beginning of the series. He sported a slicked side part for the majority of the season, which, let’s be honest, was far from his best look.

Season 2:

“P911” (Episode 2, Season 2)                           Photo credit: CBS

Season 2 presented a variation of the first season’s hairstyle. Still slicked back and medium length, Reid’s hair was parted in the middle, á la Tiktok boy style, for this season. Paired with half-rim glasses, this look is one that definitely should have lasted more than one season.

Caroline Linton ’21 says that Reid’s hair in this season is her favorite. She explained, “It’s still the polished and sophisticated Reid we know and love, but the length and volume gives it a little pizzazz.”

Season 3:

“Lo-Fi” (Episode 20, Season 3) Photo credit: CBS

Season 3 is the first season to display Spencer Reid’s locks in a longer cut, with a middle part and nearly shoulder length hair. Personally, this look wasn’t the worst, but made me want to give him a rubber band to keep his hair from constantly going in his face.

Season 4:

“Catching Out” (Episode 5, Season 4) Photo credit: CBS

This season continued the longer hair style of the third season, only swept back and cut a slightly shorter in the front, longer in the back.

Season 5:

“Public Enemy” (Episode 15, Season 5) Photo credit: CBS

With the fifth season came the longest hair yet. Reminiscent of Season 3’s style, Season 5 depicts Reid with wavy, shoulder length hair, moving away from the slicked back awkward boy-genius look and moving more into Hozier territory.

Season 6: