A Rising Star


Aidan Tice playing guitar with friends. Photo by Aidan Tice

Abigail Tice, Editor

Aidan Tice poses for a picture while he studies abroad. Photo by Aidan Tice
Aidan Tice’s Spotify scan code.
Brad Paisley hands Abigail Tice his guitar to take home. Photo by Abigail Tice

My Servite alum brother, Aidan Tice ’18, has been playing guitar since his sophomore year of high school. The spark that ignited the flame of his love for guitar happened during the summer of 2015, going into his sophomore year.

It all started when we drove down to the Sleep Train Amphitheater in San Diego to see the country artist Brad Paisley preform. Before the concert started, my family and I were dancing and singing along to the music that was playing beforehand.

Because I was such an adorable 10-year-old, my dancing (and my cute face) caught the eye of none other than Brad Paisley’s dad. He merely stopped in his tracks after I flashed him a small smile– which I did to strangers on the daily for some reason. This is when he looked at my dad and pulled him out of the crowd of about 20,000 people to ask him if I was shy and if I knew how to play Mario Kart.

My dad then came back to our seats to tell my family and me that Brad’s dad had been scanning the crowd for a kid to go onstage with Brad Paisley during the concert and I was the perfect candidate. Some time passes and we’re about an hour into the concert when it was my time to shine. I was escorted by security to the stairs leading up to the stage and eventually made it up there with Brad Paisley.

After he asked me some questions about myself, he went on to play a sick guitar solo while I played Mario Kart on the giant screens behind the stage. After the race and the guitar solo were over, Brad Paisley said to me, “You know how to play that [Mario Kart], learn how to play this,” as he handed me his Fender Telecaster (electric guitar).

Now that you all know the backstory, I can continue to talk about my brother. After that experience, Aidan inherited my/Brad Paisley’s guitar and taught himself how to play it. Since then, he hasn’t put it down and he now makes music of his own.

He’s in his junior year at Fordham University in New York City where he studies marketing and digital media. This past semester, he became Copresident for Fordham’s first student-run, independent record label, Ramses Records. He has been making his own music and putting songs and EPs out all during quarantine. Since February, Aidan has released a handful of singles along with an EP and continues to make more music to put out in the future.

When asked about how guitar has changed him as a person, he said: “I have a deeper understanding about music and I have more reasons to love it. It’s given me a way to express myself through bending strings and stomping on some peddles. Something you’re passionate about can be a way to meditate and be introspective. It’s taught me how to discipline myself and that has spilled into many other areas of my life.”

His most recent single is titled “9 mph” and you can find it on every streaming platform (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.) by looking up “Aidan Tice.” After you find his music, you can listen to every single one of his songs and then add them to all of your playlists. “9 mph” is quite the masterpiece in my opinion and I can’t wait to listen to all of the songs he puts out in the future and to see where his music can bring him.