A Mother Daughter Experience


Alicia Ventura, Editor-in-chief

On Saturday, December 5th, Rosary mothers and daughters were called to experience a retreat where they would be able to grow closer together and with God.

Mothers and Daughters were able to learn about the true meaning of Advent as well as how to grow closer to God.
Photo By Mrs. Reinbold

According to Mrs. Kearns, the Campus Ministry Director, “Both of the women’s retreats are offered during special “liturgical seasons,” Advent & Lent.  Our Church calls us to stop, pause, and ready ourselves to receive the Lord.” Royals are fortunate enough to be invited to these reflective retreats twice a year with their mothers and get a chance to hear each other out, understand each other’s perspectives, pray and grow in faith.

Seniors enjoyed their last retreat with their moms at Rosary.
Photo By Mrs. Cazarez

Attending these retreats also helps both daughters and mothers to really set aside time and think about their priorities as a family. Mrs. Kearns explained, “In today’s culture, young people’s tendency is to drift away from their parents.  Everyone’s schedules become so busy that “family time” easily fades away.  Families need to really fight for quality time together, that’s why we offer these retreat days.”

Mary Marshall ’22 and her mother, Ann Marshall ’90, have been able to go to every Women’s retreat since Mary first started as a freshman at Rosary. They were both able to relish in the time they had for each other. They were especially very inspired by each speaker who shared their experiences. Mrs. Marshall added, “It was a blessing to be able to gather with royal moms and daughters despite our current situation, and I am grateful for Mrs. Kearns and everyone else who helped make this day so special.”

Mary also pointed out not only was the retreat able to help grow relationships between moms, daughters, and God, the retreat was able to offer a sense of peace to all who were stressed—especially about finals.

Retreats serve an array of purposes, this one in particular helped show there is always light in the darkness, a sort of light at the end of the tunnel. Although this Advent Women’s retreat came to pass, there is still an opportunity to say “yes” to God’s call of growth. What better way to take a moment, breathe, be inspired, and grow in faith than with one’s own mother?

“So Mary said, “Yes, I am a servant of the Lord; let this happen to me according to your word.” Then the angel departed from her.” -Luke 1:38