Studying for Finals


Kolina Janji, Staff Writer

With finals coming right around the corner, time can go by really fast when you are not doing anything productive. For many students, it may be a lot harder to study with the current conditions of quarantine and hours of online learning; however with the right information, any student can gain the motivation to improve their study habits.

An organized desk area before studying. Photo taken by Kolina Janji.

The first thing a student should do before they begin their studies is to create a time and place to work. When choosing a time to study, try to make it at a certain point where there will be no distractions to interfere with you and your schoolwork. Be sure to include some breaks in between assignments to give your mind rest after long periods of thinking.

Some students require more time to study than others, so don’t feel bad if you take longer to understand the material. Take as much time as you need, but remember to not overwhelm yourself with too much work.

Selecting the right workplace is also as important as choosing the time to study. For some people, it is best to not study for finals in the same area you do your Zoom calls. This is because our brains will remember the same information we learned if we program it to think in different areas outside the normal schooling space.

The next thing students should do is prioritize the subject that they are least prepared for and make extra time to study it. This can mean doing missing assignments for half credit to raise the grade (some classes do not allow this), or just spending more time looking over the work.

This may result in less time for other subjects, so be sure to know the classes you are least to most confident in.

Now onto the different methods of studying. Each student has a different way of studying that helps them understand what they need to know. Jeanna Sheremetta 24′ plans to utilize study guides that some teachers will provide her. She continued, “I also like to use the notes that I have taken during class and look at the previous tests that I took.”

Quizlet is also a very popular study source students can use to help them with their finals. It is a free website that includes flashcards, quizzes, and other study games to help with learning.

Now for some recommendations from a Rosary teacher Dr. Villaseñor, or Dr. V as you may know her.

  • Don’t wait until the last minute. Try and carve out a block of time each day during the 2 weeks leading up to finals to review – even if it’s just for 15-30 minutes.
  • Go to office hours whenever possible – don’t be afraid to ask your teachers to further explain concepts/new material that you are having difficulty with. We all want you to succeed.
  • Try studying in a group as long as you are able to concentrate well enough. You could do a virtual study group on Facetime or Zoom. That way, it’s not as boring or isolating when you are studying for finals.
  • Take frequent breaks. After 30 minutes or an hour, make sure that you get up and stretch. Relax your eyes. Don’t stare at your computer screen for too long. You will end up being more productive if you take breaks and give yourself a chance to process the information and stay alert.
  • Be sure to eat balanced meals and drink a lot of water during finals week. Also, get plenty of sleep!

Even though preparing for finals can be stressful, following these tips can and will be very beneficial for anyone who wants to utilize them for their own success.