Did You Say a Rosary Podcast?


Katie Fang/Julissa Gonzalez

The official cover for The Royal Ramble, which also represents all four of Rosary Academy’s class mascots.

Julissa Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Do you listen to Podcasts about murder mysteries, health, business, sports, or comedy?

If you answered yes to any part of that question, then you might want to keep reading.

I will be starting a podcast for Rosary Academy called “The Royal Ramble,” which Royals can listen to anytime and anywhere. The reason I am starting this podcast is because I want it to be a place for girls to put aside any stress they might be carrying and they can take moment to breathe and a few minutes to learn about things going on in our world from every episode.

Brooke Medina’22, who has her own podcast outside of school, stated, “I think Rosary having a podcast is such a great opportunity to reach out to students, parents, faculty, and incoming girls alike. Something I would like to hear on the podcast is interviews with teachers about study tips or even how students have adjusted to the hybrid environment.”

Natalie Kim’22 told the Royal Reporter, “I think it’s exciting that there will be a podcast for Rosary! I would like to listen to girls give advice for different classes, interviews with athletes from different sports, Trinitas members, and good conversations on topics related to Rosary. “

Emma Silva, a sophomore at Rosary who recently interviewed me about The Royal Ramble stated, “I think Rosary having a podcast is awesome! I think everyone loves a good podcast, especially since they are so easy to listen to. I would love to hear about some of Rosary’s countless inside jokes on the podcast.”

Junior, Luz Garcia states, “I think a Rosary podcast would be interesting and fun! It would be cool to have episodes on different topics like Zoom, study tips, sports, or even social media and having things to listen and relate to.”

I am currently working on the first episode for “The Royal Ramble.” I cannot wait for everyone to listen to it and be able to have some fun, and relate to the problems that their fellow Royals may have.