An Inside Look on a Vegan Thanksgiving

Plated vegan Tofurky dinner.

Plated vegan Tofurky dinner.

Abigail Tice, Editor

Photo of Rosary graduate, Emma Tice. Photo Provided by Abby Tice.

All families celebrate holidays differently. Although turkey is a tradition for Thanksgiving dinner, it’s not on the menu for everyone.

If you’re not familiar with what it means to be vegan, it’s when a person does not eat any product that comes from an animal. My sister Emma Tice ’13 is vegan and has been a practicing one since she was 18 years old. Despite what a lot of people might think, Emma was still able to have a full plate for her Thanksgiving dinner.

She filled her plate with many different vegan-friendly dishes, one of them being Tofurky– a replacement for turkey made out of tofu. Along with the Tofurky came plant-based stuffing, gravy, and chocolate “cheezcake.” The rest of her plate was filled with various grilled vegetables, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes.

In the kitchen on Thanksgiving day, our mom decided to make the whole batch of mashed potatoes completely plant-based by substituting cream cheese and butter with the vegan versions of both. Everyone enjoyed them and I honestly doubt that anyone knew they were vegan.

For dessert, Emma had plenty of options such as pumpkin “cheezcake”, chocolate “cheezcake”, and Marie Callender’s apple pie. When asked how her Thanksgiving dinner and dessert were, she was nearly speechless when she described them as “scrumptious.”

Daiya “cheezcake” dessert packaging.

Speaking about why she is a vegan she says, “At first I got into it for animal rights because I’m generally against factory farming, but the more I looked into it I realized how good it is for my health as well as the environment.” There are so many dishes that people eat on an everyday basis that can easily be turned plant-based and taste absolutely delicious while simultaneously helping our Earth.