Introducing Emily Arcero: A Folklorico Dancer


Photo provided by Emily Arcero

Emily Arcero ’22 and some friends

Alicia Dofelmier, Staff Writer

At Rosary Academy, Royals are blessed with an abundance of different clubs and activities, from Trinitas Theatre to sports to French Club. However, what do Royals do outside of school and their numerous after school activities? On behalf of the Royal Reporter, I got to interview Emily Arcero ‘22 about her unique and fascinating activity outside of school. Emily is a Folklorico dancer. You may be wondering what exactly Folklorico is and what a Folklorico dancer does. I had the pleasure of asking Emily about the art of Folklorico dancing.

Q: What is Folklorico dancing?

A: The best way I could describe it is traditional Mexican folklore dancing. The real name is Ballet Folklorico but, no one really calls it that. The basis of the style is ballet but it combines a lot of styles from Europe and Africa. Each state in Mexico has their own style of dance with their own music and costumes. There is such a variety of different types of Folklorico dancing that if you go to a Folklorico show you would not be bored because most likely after each dance there would be something completely different. 


Q: When did you start dancing/how long have you been dancing for?

A: I started dancing Folklorico when I was 3 years old and I am 16 now, for about 13 years.


Q: What is your favorite part about Folklorico dancing?

A: My favorite part about it is all the friends and memories I’ve made. I’ve been dancing with some of my friends for over 10 years and their moms became my dance moms. I think why I’ve continued for so long is because it’s my passion, it’s part of me and my culture.


Q: Do you do any performances?

A: Well I’ve performed a lot, like any other dance studio we have our yearly recitals. However, my studio has gotten many cool opportunities to perform all over southern California. For example, I’ve danced at the halftime shows of the Sparks, Lakers and Rams; I’ve also danced at places like Disneyland, the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Downtown and a few times on TV. 

Emily Arcero ’22 dancing Folklorico

Q: Are you taking Folklorico dance classes?

A: As of right now I am not because Junior year is brutal and because of the pandemic it’s been hard, but I hope to get back to the studio next semester.


Q: Does anyone else in your family do it?

A: My grandparents took me to my first class because both my aunts danced when they were little and one of my aunts still dances to this day. 


Q: What do you like to do in your free time?

A: Honestly, if I’m not in school or doing something related to school or at dance class I like to catch up on sleep or hang out with my family or friends.


Emily Arcero is someone who is sweet, kind, caring, and a truly amazing Folklorico dancer. If you happen to see her in the halls, make sure to say hello and if you’re curious ask her more about the art of Folklorico.