Life at a Christmas Tree Farm


Golden Doodle named Noodle, after a long run around the trees. Photo Credit: @PeltzerPines on Instagram

Elizabeth Martinez, Staff Writer

Peltzer Pines Christmas Tree Farm is a family-owned business located in Brea, California. This business specializes in growing Monterey Pine and Leyland Cypress trees, providing the freshest trees you’ll ever find while having the most memorable experience.

My first year as a Peltzer worker was brutal but memorable. Rain or shine, I worked outside as a greeter. I was in charge of welcoming customers as they entered the farm and directing them to a specific section based on the height of the tree.

After working through many storms, I made my way to working indoors at the office, filing paperwork and writing up receipts. I have made so many bonds with many people who love Christmas as much as I do. Christmas is my favorite holiday and just simply going to the farm is so peaceful.

This year, my sister ended up getting her first job at the farm. When asked about how she likes working as a greeter she said, “So far it has been a great experience for my first job. I’ve met so many cheerful customers and playful dogs. Hopefully, we will be open for another year so I can work again.”

Kathleen Martinez 23′ and Theresa 21′ enjoying their lunchbreak… indoors.
Photo Credit: Theresa Ceman

To add, my best friend Theresa also got the job as a greeter. She described her experience by saying, “I love Christmas, and working at the farm has definitely helped me get in the Christmas spirit. Many visitors have so many great stories and I love talking to them. Even though it gets tiring sometimes, I always feel so accomplished at the end of the day for spreading Christmas cheer.”

Theresa Ceman 21′ and Kathleen Martinez 23′ enjoying their lunch break in the dust.
Photo Credit: Kathleen Martinez

As a second-year employee at Peltzer Pines Christmas tree farm, I know people are so excited for some holiday cheer after the rough year we’ve had. Coming from near or far, thousands have made their way to Peltzer Pines to find their perfect tree. Surprisingly, during opening week, most of our trees are sold out. Because of the crazy year, it has still been busy, and it is good to know that people are still celebrating this Christmas. Get ready because Santa’s coming to town!