Thankful for Vegan Food, And a Healthy Life


Happy Vegan Thanksgiving!

Elizabeth Martinez, Staff Writer

As Thanksgiving approaches, I am not that excited. As a vegan, the day is centered around meat, which honestly grosses me out. But don’t worry! As a vegan chef myself, I have found amazing solutions I am so thankful for.


You may wonder, why did you choose to write an article about being thankful for vegan food, not your family. Well, this article is to not only share my story on why I became vegan but also how my family tends to be thankful for my cooking skills, especially during Thanksgiving.


For the last three years, I have been eating Whole-Food Plant-Based. This revolves around eating anything but meat and dairy.


Three years ago, I would have never expected becoming vegan because I would eat meat and dairy every single day. During Lent, I decided to give up everything for God and eat completely vegan. This 40-day process was difficult, but I remained strong and could not give in to that temptation.


After Lent, I went back to eating meat, and the first time I tried it I did not like it. From that point on, I never ate meat again; however, I did miss dairy. For a couple of months after, I ate vegetarian but eating like this upset my stomach, skin, and hair, and I felt so unhealthy. I knew for those purposes I had to go back to being vegan. To this day, I am beyond grateful that I stuck with that decision.


This year, my family and I will celebrate Thanksgiving at home while eating vegan tofurkey and vegan desserts! My dad, Erick Martinez spoke about the vegan tofurkey (tofu turkey) when he said, “My daughter is an amazing cook, like me of course. This thanksgiving she is planning on making a tofu turkey. Although I love the tofu wraps she cooks, I can’t wait to see how she makes it into a turkey this year. “ Here is the recipe from


Tofurkey recipe: How to
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Tofurkey recipe part 1.
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Tofurkey recipe part 2.
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Tofurkey recipe part 3.
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Also, my little brother Ben Martinez loves dessert. Although he is not vegan, he described my apple crisp as, “So so good. Oh, wait it’s vegan?!” After finding out it was, he surprisingly kept eating it! Here is the recipe from that I have made for the last few years.

Apple Crisp recipe
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Because of this, Thanksgiving will be a vegan piece of cake! I am beyond grateful that living a healthy lifestyle can not only be delicious but also fun.